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Business And Law

February 21, 2022 Comments Off on Business And Law

That is, this issue like many is interdisciplinary, which to understand its importance in the law, a topic that has been neglected by writers.

1. ELEMENTS OF THE LAW In any research work is necessary to study the elements of the right to take more comprehensive approach. The right is not just legislation, in this sense is composed of many elements which are legislation, doctrine, jurisprudence, enforcement, general principles of law, social, customary, expression of will, among other elements of law.

2. SOURCES OF LAW In the present work is necessary to consider the sources of law to take a comprehensive approach to the topic or research. It is important for our purposes to clearly establish that the parts or elements of law are the source. The sources of law differ in some branches of business law, such as commercial law, tax and administrative, as they have their own sources of each of these areas of law, which must be taken into account in a study broader research theme.

3. BUSINESS DEFINITION OF LAW In considering the various legal disciplines is important to define the effect of having more comprehensive approach. In this sense then proceed to define the same that is so important in today’s market. The business law is the governing and business studies, and is made not only by law or positive law, but by all elements of law that are applicable to the business law or business law or business law , which are studied by the multidimensional theory of law and is comprised of almost all branches of law among which commercial law and corporate law.

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