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Documents for visa extensions or production of the first two-year visas are submitted to a foreigner zastupitelskom . Click Hudson River for additional related pages. In case of non fulfillment of certain immigration laws necessary conditions for obtaining a visa, zastupitelsky must be notified in advance of an alien, to return to him all the documents and payment registration fee (splitting), making this protocol in duplicate. Migration Service of the Czech Republic in writing by mail or e-mail informs the alien of the reason for refusal on the issuance of long-term visa. Within 15 days after the fact of the decision, the foreigner has the right to request a service Directorate of Immigration on the verification of the validity and legality of the refusal of a visa. Challenge the decision of the consulate and the Directorate, the alien is entitled to a higher court – the court the Czech Republic. When a long-worker visa embassy or consulate the Czech Republic is obliged to conduct interviews with each foreign applicant to clarify details about the plans and reasons on which the alien requests a long-term visa, to ascertain the real reason – Request authorization to stay in the Czech Republic. To be able to make the official residence (Permanent residence) in the Czech Republic stay with the residence permit as well as earlier remains the same 5 years.

Summing up, we emigration lawyers and a company lawyer "Prague Lion thorough knowledge of the Czech legal, administrative and professional legislation of the Czech Republic to inform you that the law about getting a new residence in the Czech Republic and its extension in the country equaled their claims to the procedure for obtaining permanent residency Czech Republic. The exception is only that in obtaining residence permits Czech Republic since January 2011, a foreign applicant can be interviewed in their native language or using a court interpreter accredited with the Czech language, and in obtaining permanent residence Czech foreigner must pass an examination of ownership Czech language and to communicate freely with the design procedure. Denial of service alien emigration lawyer attorney would entail another failure – the visa is issued in new in 2011. Reviewed sections of the new law on Czech migration from 2011 until partially reflected in the pages of our site. Read new articles continuation of the material devoted to news, immigration law Czech Republic.

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