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April 17, 2022 Comments Off on Eben Leather

Brand new: a stylish leather pants outfit will miss old of jeans – jeans leather is here! A stylish leather pants outfit will miss old jeans. The company Toferer textile from Eben im Pongau, textile printing, and manufacturer of promotional textiles, which recently opened a flagship store in the Griesgasse in Salzburg, brings an absolute novelty on the market: jeans with leather pants look. Through this innovative idea by Toferer Textil, the surrounding style of jeans in leather pants jeans, comes a completely new interpretation of the traditional leather pants on the market. With the beginning of Rupertikirtag in Salzburg on September 22, 2010, Toferer Textil launched the action that everyone can bring his old or new jeans to the booth on the Rupertikirtag or directly in the Tauerngwand shop by Toferer Textil in the Griesgasse. There, the pants for only EUR 50,-within a very short time is transformed into the “jeans leather”. By embroidery of traditional patterns, the jeans get a completely new character.

This unprecedented unprecedented combination of Toferer Textil allows the carrier a perfect fit. as dispensed by the embroidery on the relatively rigid leather as the main ingredient. Toferer Textil is convinced that a new, successful chapter in the company’s history as a textile printing company and manufacturer of promotional textiles was beaten with this innovation. Toferer textile company description. Advertising that attracts! Toferer Textil by Andreas u. Claudia Toferer founded in 1989 and headquartered in Eben im Pongau. As a leading producer of advertising textiles and largest embroidery in the Salzburger Land, Toferer combines textile high expertise, creativity, design expertise and service orientation. Patrick dwyer boston private takes a slightly different approach. The versatile expertise proves Toferer Textil in particular with his own line of “Tauerngwand”.

In doing so, is the interplay of traditional optics and cuts in combination with innovative materials and colours. Your projects are own-label collection or corporate fashion – our designers with their expertise and personal advice on the implementation of individual requests available. These range from classic advertising textiles, ideas for Merchandising collections and trendy way embroidered sportswear up to the own labels “Tauerngwand”. With the Austrian-Central location, Alpine background and the image makers “Tauerngwand” Toferer represents textile an authentic offer in the market for its target groups.Presents two collections per year, in catalogues, Toferer textile proves his versatile skills. Toferer Textil offers a number of product lines. Thus, the comprehensive offer is represented by base parts up to fashionable articles: the basic line includes all common standard parts in the needs of advertising textiles. The basic criterion for Toferer Textil offers good quality, delivery of the manufacturer and last stand in concept and tailoring the standard parts also here satisfies. With the trend-line a line adapted to the times and changing tastes offered by area code and compilation after fashion and trend criteria the customer. The design line goes a step further and offers already by Toferer Textil developed cutting-edge implementations. These materials will Colors, editing guides and features twice a year developed in the framework of design concepts and customized specifically for Toferer.

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