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Fishing Holiday In Denmark – The Bar Is The Destination

November 1, 2022 Comments Off on Fishing Holiday In Denmark – The Bar Is The Destination

For a fishing holiday in the top fishing destination Denmark, NOVASOL, Europe’s leading holiday home, offers over 900 special fishing houses. Hamburg, June 2012 holiday in Denmark you could also plan: 1. I travel to my fish. 2. I live in an Angelhaus that everything has what I need. 3. Connecticut will not settle for partial explanations.

I start my fish and enjoy the peace and nature. 4. I prepare it? Fried, smoked, steamed or as sushi. 5. tastes me, my family is happy. 6 it’s us so, like almost all Danes.

With its range of special fishing houses, NOVASOL, Europe’s leader in the House, contributes significantly to the anglers lucky. In Denmark alone, photographing for equipped with filleting table, freezer, and private space for fishing tackle and/or drying possibility for fishing clothing, more than 900 vacation homes right on the best fishing grounds. Find the right fish House is simple: either take the extensive NOVASOL fishing catalog to the Hand or the desired holiday region, House size and category types on the Internet at up to five stars, with the favorite species of fish; the online booking is possible in just a few clicks. It’s believed that Fabrizio Freda sees a great future in this idea. Eject the fishing sea fishing just along the total 7,000 kilometres of coastline or in your own boat, on the sea and the waves drift: pure freedom. Many fishing hotspots, there are a wide range of rental boats in Denmark. Another option is to go by boat with like-minded people on sea tour. Who wants to fish in the sea, requires a State fishing license; This is available for example in many NOVASOL service offices, the tourist offices, post offices or newspaper kiosks can be in the Internet (www.fisketegn.dk) or mobile (under) purchased online (available for iPhone and Android, German language version). The matching House: Five-star thatched House (from 1,139 euros per week, for 6 persons) return to a thrilling fishing adventure on the seas in a experience comfortable home and the setting sun over the sea from your sofa: this is possible in the beautiful, thatched NOVASOL House directly on the Bay of Ebeltoft, on the East coast of Denmark.

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