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Otherwise, often hearty soup is served as Vorspiese, which is abundant as a main dish. Much meat in combination with vegetable is eaten in Hungary. Stew is known from Schweine-(Sertesporkolt), (Marhaporkolt), beef, for stews cut into cubes, Hammel-(Birkaporkolt), poultry (csirke stew) or wild boar meat (Vaddiszno) is prepared. The courts usually Lecso is served, sharp Sause from Braised sweet peppers, tomatoes, onions and lots of paprika powder. Read more from travel writing to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Paprika is felt mainly main vegetables in Budapest. Feels like vegetables, such as cabbage, cauliflower or Eggplant never missing on the Hungarian table. The Hungarian desserts are a true sin…The most famous sweet dishes are pancakes (Palacsinta) m filled with cottage cheese, poppy seeds or cherry strudel (Retes) or the Quark dumplings (Turogomboc).

Eating out is a trip for yourself in Budapest. Although, as in any big city you will find international cuisine in Budapest, it worth to feed, with or without a Gypsy music, at a traditional restaurant Budapest restaurants are popular not only for its cuisine, but also for stylish decor and special mood that prevails, often accompanied by Gypsy music. The most famous restaurant in Budapest is Gundel etterem, famous for its fine dining and its pancakes, which are entered as ‘Gundel pancakes’ in the history of cooking. Karpatia restaurant is located in the heart of the city and is known for its hand-painted walls and typical cuisine. Budapest has a cafe tradition.

Danube along there are many small cafes and tea rooms, where mam meets with friends and delicious cake feeds. Budapest has colorful range of major shopping malls and small shops Shoppingpardis Budapest as any European metropolis with international brands. The best you can buy a utca in send Vaci on the Pest side, a pedestrian street, where there are also vile little cafes. Nice is also plenty of souvenir shops are. The most famous artisanal objects are ceramic, embroidery, dolls in traditional costumes look, handpainted Herend and Zsolnay porcelain, Halas lace, chilli pepper and pickled vegetables, foie gras, pick salami, apricot Brandy (Barack), plum brandy (Szilva), Tokaj or other Hungarian wines. So if my memory must bring, it is difficult, because the selection is spoilt. Tasty and cheap is also Hungarian honey, which is known for its healing powers. Visit the flea markets can be worth, where you can find many interesting articles from the Communist era. Bon voyage wishes you HostelsClub.com!

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