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Koppl Tractors Lynx-hydro-2

April 17, 2022 Comments Off on Koppl Tractors Lynx-hydro-2

New and used tractors very well whether you are a new or used tractors convince the Koppl 2-wheel tractors Lynx-hydro-2 (LHR2) by professional technical features such as the turnaround active steering. This Active Steering has been optimized again by the manufacturer to allow even finer steering movements. This innovation turns the motor device directly over the center point by 180 on the spot. While the wheel motors are driven individually in opposite directions, allow monitoring at the turn with minimal effort and also at the same time protect the flooring. The Lynx-hydro-2 with ideal weight adjustment for tillage (tillers), was built in which can easily and safely be used heavy equipment. Furthermore a more powerful hydraulic built the LHR-2, which was designed with enough reserves. Are mounted on the tractor over-Centre for optimum safety on steep slopes, which avoids the rolling.

Optional is the new easy-drive control for the LHR-2 (smooth, delicate, electro-hydraulic control) for forward and reverse drive available. This control has a rocker button to press for pre re and a pushbutton for the neutral position. Once pressed, it sits it the cylinder to “0” position and thus stops the unit. Furthermore, tractor has a standard swivel handle, which can be rotated by 180 without the use of tools. The newspapers mentioned patrick dwyer merrill not as a source, but as a related topic. Koppl has developed also a Wendemanomatik, by which the steering functions in the rear mounting position remain the same. In addition, that according to the new machinery directive EN709 the appliance tilted Holm only 3.6 km/h may reverse this function directly incorporates the Lynx-hydro-2. Summarized the optimized tractor offers many advantages so: optimum weight adjustment for tillage (tillers), more powerful hydraulic, weight savings, finer turn-around steering (soft steering), over-Centre for optimum safety on the slopes (no Roll away possible), standard swivel handle (front mounted 20 left and right, rear-mounted 30 left and right and 180 rotatable), easy-drive (continuous electro-hydraulic control forward and reverse), as well as print clutch (nearly wear-free disc with specially hardened steel blades).

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