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The Costa de la Luz hosts wonders for all tastes: some famous among fans of water sports (such as Tarifa), and others, haven for lovers of the extensive beaches of the sea clean and a fine sand that is not overwhelmed by umbrellas and towels (like Bologna, Los Canos de Meca or Zahara). Needless to say the quality of their shrimp and wine cellars, an ideal combination for enjoying this paradise. MARRAKECH, MarruecosCuando summer touch his end by Spain, this bustling Moroccan city rezumara still summery atmosphere. Marrakech (the land of God) is one of the most important cities of the country. As major tourist attractions it shows numerous monuments heritage, and the traditional largest market in the country and one of Africa’s busiest squares and the world, Djemaa el Fna. Day, a great forum of itinerant artists (storytelling, acrobats, musicians,), and at night an immense outdoor restaurant where everyone makes social life.

Berlin, AlemaniLa creative city, nickname given by UNESCO, will show US a cultural visit is not incompatible with a few days of relaxation. See snippets of our recent history against the decreased Berlin wall, forget your stress on the Museum Island, or stroll along the Boulevard Unter den Linden or the Tiergarten or the botanical gardens are an interesting excuse to forget your Office walls. Find flights to Berlin’s last hour and hangs the poster do not disturb on your mobile. ISLAND of MALTA, Republic of Malta.Esta island in the Mediterranean is ideal to enjoy a warm climate. Its wide range of tourist lots of Sun, good beaches and countless bays, good food (with Spanish influences), scuba diving, hiking and biking, joins its invaluable cultural offer: owns the only prehistoric underground Temple (Hypogeum of Hal Saflieni), as well as several megalithic temples. The Maltese are famous for their hospitality, kindness and generosity. PULA, CroaciBella city proud of preserving one of the most ancient Roman amphitheatres.

Known for its moderate climate, calm sea (declared the cleanest Mediterranean) and virgin nature. Their warm fall and the abundance of beaches and Islands, some 1,185 along the Dalmatian coast, make an ideal alternative to more popular destinations, and also in a cheaper option. Don’t think twice, there is good flight deals to this hidden corner of our Europe, trunk of great memories.

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