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Population Explosions

February 23, 2022 Comments Off on Population Explosions

For decades we have been warning of the serious problems that threatened us. Click Gina Bonati to learn more. Click jim halpert to learn more. Since the population explosion, climate change, pollution dumping in the seas, the destruction in the fishing banks, the perverse effects of fundamentalism and neo-conservative model of development, the ignominy of tax havens where they laundered drug money, the sale of weapons and organized crime. When they arrived, we all had new. As with the fall of the Berlin Wall or the Soviet Union or the stunning rise of China. Before a decade, the European Union will have 50 million people over 65 years. These are the people who make more visits to the Social Security and taking more medications in addition to spending more time at home during the months of winter. Increase the consumption of heat, respiratory and rheumatic diseases, depression, loneliness and the feeling that these people to no longer be necessary.

Even the European Mediterranean countries known these numbers of retirees by age or by the companies' labor policies that were once produced in the richer countries of Europe, in Now, policy makers are looking to address the increasing leisure time for those citizens. Our societies were not prepared to respond to these demands and measures are exhausted subsidized vacations and cultural activities for the entertainment tax that many find it an unbearable burden. It is no coincidence that doctors detected an increase of patients in their consultations that somatizing their loneliness and sense of helplessness. The clinics are filled with elderly people who yearn to speak and be heard.

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