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June 22, 2017 Comments Off on Renaissance

If those who at one time published the Bible, were on the side of people, they would first make sure that people know what the people of that nation was then able to win. But it did not happen. People had been deceived and forced to live in ignorance. This, in turn, led to the fact that today most people live on only their own interests. That’s why people are still unable to unite in order to win. But let’s try to restore the true meaning of “the people”.

If we were not a social being, he never would have created a state. Creating a state, a man proved that he is able to build and society, thus proving that people can come together to ensure that all live together in one territory happily. But even those who headed the State, not given to people to unite, not given to people living common interests together to protect and defend each other, they have deprived people of happiness. People power to split the nation tiny fragments, and so the people had ceased to exist. And to ensure that people do not come together to once again has not appeared nation, the government has hidden the true meaning of “the people”.

That’s why people still can not win. People – is association of people living in the same area, which pose a common goals and objectives, are living together of interests and ideals, defending and protecting the interests of one another so that individuals could not use people just to gain their own wealth and prosperity. People – a set of human actions that do not infringe the rights and freedoms most of the population who care about that State did not have an unacceptable form of existence for most of the population of this state to state in general was no more than an element in human life. It is, therefore, that for people to remain need for such a thing as a “state” on its territory, to live, not exist people. For even more analysis, hear from Danny Meyer. And to the territory of the people appeared, people should unite and ceases to live only for their personal interests.

They should support each other in order to make people the authorities were afraid that they begin to execute the will of the people, the people themselves to the authorities finally understand what people are what power the people. And only after that Most people will be the belief that people can win. People will be able to understand that to gain them a happy state should not congestion of people living in the same territory and the people. State which will find people who will never be unstable. People will never be afraid of the power because the people are many times stronger than the government. Only in this case we can talk about that power belongs to the people that people were able to win. Take place not so much time and people get tired of playing all the time. People are tired all the time ill live. They find the strength to overcome your own selfishness and ambition and unite, by ensuring that people came. And only then will a new era of human existence – the Renaissance of the people, the era of democracy. Sometimes I see pictures of the future, and it is absolutely not what he painted for us religious leaders. Future well, it declares the people’s happiness, which is only possible due to the fact that the people won.

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