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March 10, 2017 Comments Off on Restoration

Dani Garcia?, At Madrid Princesa in Madrid, intended to extend to other establishments in the hotel chain in an attempt to modernize its gastronomy. I am proud, as Malaga, which is our most famous chef who was having made this important assignment.
According to the news, this is a concept? Again? Although we have seen something similar in many local fashion Madrid and Barcelona, perhaps influenced by London or New York. Still in its space bar and restaurant. In turn, the restaurant has two spaces, one for eating a la carte and one for cold kitchen, with? Show-cooking?, Namely that the dishes are prepared in front of the customer from ingredients chosen by himself, an attempt to create? interactive kitchen?.
Of course, at the bar, a cocktail while we can enjoy some of the lids to the letter? Snacks? Also with the possibility of combining ingredients to our whims. That, at any time of day. Inside the restaurant. A la carte dishes offered new kitchen, cutting Mediterranean, as some of foie Napoleon and goat cheese with caramelized apple green, or more versions of traditional dishes such as rabo de toro wrapped in cauliflower and truffle ravioli.
Another good news is that includes classic dishes spoon, to which I am very fond and I think should not be lost amid so much and so many foie mousses and foams. One caveat, the name chosen for the restaurant does not strike me as very fortunate, is a somewhat obvious copy of a famous brand of perfume. Congratulations from here to our countryman, I hope you have much success..

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