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January 14, 2022 Comments Off on Sidney Batt Long

The financial crisis is not over nor long. For investors means that but still long not, that they should be close to market developments and their money continue to bunkering admitted the financial crisis is not over nor long. That doesn’t mean for investors but, that they should be close to market developments and their money continue to bunkering in the savings bank. Such behavior comes sooner or later expensive as possible for. The signs are growing that the situation on the capital markets will normalize again. That does not mean that for the stability in the banking industry will be back fully secure, the economy was before a new boom, bond markets again have been moved in the lot.

“No, it simply means that the stupid saying – after this crisis will no longer be as before” – topical loses. Believe me: everything in the usual cars will run again in a few months. Although the economy is waxing continue, but the humility before the Lord will be written again as small as before. Return on investment, profits and profit-sharing will be again the key words which guide the life of the Manager. You don’t believe me? Then I will explain a simple example: little more than a year ago, Germany and the world knew only one topic. The end of the world triggered by climate catastrophe. Many scientists could vividly demonstrate the sacrifices of life, fruit surface, habitats and funding the ongoing development would cost if we do not rapidly and sustainably would react. Throughout Germany agreed: it must be something done so that the inevitable is avoidable.

Then came the oil shock and after the financial crisis. Meanwhile, Mrs Merkel thinks an economic crisis ahead of the next election was more severe than the climate change and calls that it should operate climate not at any price. So she joins it that despite the disaster early on isn’t everything in the old me about Mrs Merkel in the long line of those, want to leave. I can not promise you so, that soon everything will be fine. Sure I should with my prediction that it will apply the laws of money in the future, hardly fail lie. As investors this means for you, that you should quickly overcome your fear stiff again rational thinking. The end of the year is approaching and with it the deadline for action in the framework of the basic pension and measures against the flat tax. If you had planned this several months ago, you should act now. These opportunities do not come. Also as regards stocks and retirement investments, you should be not idle now. Although it is not sure whether the exchanges at the current level can hold, but one thing is quite certain: as little risk as currently they enter so quickly anymore. Keep in mind: Wise investors make their return with relatively little risk, during a relatively short period of time. (See also this link) If you want to protect your pension capital from the effects of a short-term financial, tax and economic policies. must you act rationally and take chances on tax privileges, promotion and market development. Broad strata of the population facing the poverty in old age. If you want to include, you should not too long bite firmly on the savings bank fixed deposit account, but contact your financial planner. Sincerely, your Sidney Batt (financial planners with eidg. FA) Pro 55 plus GmbH cellar road 29 D-81667 Munich E-Mail: finanzredaktion(at)altersportal.

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