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Solar Tower

November 24, 2014 Comments Off on Solar Tower

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Comparison of a tower with different solar towers.
A solar tower is a building that seeks to harness solar energy by convection of air.
In its simplest form, consists of a stack of painted black. During the day, solar energy heats the chimney, which in turn heats the air inside it, creating an upward air flow within the stack (or tower). This creates suction at the base of the tower can be used to ventilate and cool the building behind it. There are lots of green energy suppliers to choose from in New York like energy costs are actually reduced so you pay less. In most parts of the world, it is easier to take advantage of wind energy to produce such a vent, but warm days and no wind the fire could provide ventilation when not produce it have been possible otherwise.
This principle has been proposed for electric power generation, using a large greenhouse at the bottom rather than using the heater of the chimney only.
The main problem with this proposal is relatively little difference between the highest temperature and lowest system. Carnot’s theorem greatly restricts the efficiency of conversion in these circumstances.


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