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North American Social

July 1, 2018 at 8:33 amCategory:General

In the society of principles of century XX the characteristics are developed already that define, practically to the present time, the scene of relations between the Professional Direction and the labor world. The social and scientific division of the work, their mechanization, the diversification of manpower, the new professions, the rural exodus, the social inequalities motivated by an access differential to the work market, creates a climate of uncertainty and disorientation before the incorporation to the labor market. With the arrival of the industrial revolution the Professional Direction begins to take care of the new working-class and to connect the school with the world of the work, within the framework of the defending movements of the compensation of the social inequalities and the human rights. When being developed the industry, the frequency of the labor accidents and the insufficient yield in the work moves to Munsterberg and Taylor to be interested in the human factor and the problem of the election of each person based on the type of activity that wants to develop. By the same author: Bill de Blasio. Although it is difficult to identify the exact moment of the birth of Professional direction the majority of locates it to authors in 1908, when the engineer Frank Parsons, related to the progressive movement of the education, founds the first center of direction the Vocational Bureau of Boston, employee of a center of social services, Civic the Service-House, and publishes in 1909 his Choosing work to Vocation, in which he is the essence of the approach of characteristics and factors. In these first moments the Professional Direction is developed outside the regulated educative frame, in North American context and without the support of psychologists, sociologists or educators. In this respect, it is important to indicate that it is going to be incipient psychology differential and the psychometry the disciplines that put to the service of the Professional Direction, the bases for the analysis of the personal needs and for the creation of simple models of selection and direction with a predictive value. .

Greenwich Village

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Little Italy counts on some of the best cafeterias and restaurants of New York, and exceeds to say that the food is fantastic. If it likes the films of gangster, it cannot stop visiting Little Italy, since here several scenes of the Godfather and others were filmed Mafia films. Midtown Prestigious the Fifth Avenue divides to the district of Midtown in two halves: the west and the east. Midtown East, that includes the fashionable district of Murray Hill, is famous by its excellent stores, restaurants and fantastic places of interest. So if it interests to him to buy in Herms, to realise a trip to the architectonic wonder that is the Chrysler building or to eat something of sushi or a pizza before going to the MoMA, Midtown East is visit forced between the districts of New York. Midtown West is the heart of New York concerning businesses, purchases, entertainment and tourism in the city. When it crosses the Midtown West, it asegrese to visit the eclectic districts of Hell' s Kitchen and Clinton. Crucible of cultures, races, religions and pleasures: this district of New York will make the delights of which visits the Great Apple.

Greenwich Village Broadway separates the district of Greenwich Village in two halves: East Village and West Village. Without a doubt, this it is the most artistic neighbourhood of New York. If they attract the readings to him of poetry, the bars of jazz or those of punk rock, Greenwich Village will enchant to him. As also it welcomes the University of New York, it counts on multitude of bars nocturnes of rock, places where to take a pizza and a beer and cafeterias. Greenwich Village has something for all the pleasures. SoHo SoHo is the fashionable district of New York, famous by the magnificent art of its sidewalks, studies, artistic galleries and cafeterias.