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Belief Created

February 21, 2017 at 6:18 amCategory:General

While it is often useful to study where and when we first created a belief, we must be careful. Our ego encourage us to shift the responsibility of the beliefs that protect us. One thing is to recognize that we believe it is worthy of love (for example), because our parents do not spend enough time with us. It's quite another to blame our parents for creating this belief and ruining our lives. Learn more about this with Bill de Blasio. Our parents did not create the belief, we've done. We interpret an experience, to create scenarios around the expectations of development and created the belief.

And until we accept this, we can not change that belief. Our ego may also interfere with the process of ownership that encourages us to identify with the belief of limitation. The ego can trick us to reinforce our negative beliefs, beliefs turning back on us. In essence, we say we are unworthy, because we have created a belief that we are unworthy. We beat ourselves to beat ourselves. Without consciousness, the ego makes us come and go. If we realize that we have fallen into a trap of ego, we simply use our consciousness to escape trap. We just have to remember that all beliefs, no matter which limits, has served us well at a time.

Many beliefs were created to help us survive in difficult and painful past. But we're not in those situations. Circumstances have changed, and we have more experience and new skills that can serve us better.


August 7, 2016 at 6:02 amCategory:General

It is better to suffer wrong to do it, and happier than sometimes cheated of no confidence. "- Samuel Johnson I was in a tele-seminar recently with International Health Coach Jeremy Likness and he made a very interesting question about trust. We were talking about people to find mentors and his mentors confident enough to pay for services, or to teach what they want (need) to know. The question took me by surprise because the truth of the matter was in fact had not paid enough attention to what really was TRUST in the world of personal improvement, the personal development and the search for mentors, because only trusted people. Well, until proven otherwise … First of all, a mentor is … men Tor – is a wise and trusted counselor or teacher. Secondly confidence is …

confidence – confidence in the integrity, ability, or character of a person or thing. With all this clear … After I left the call noticed that should have explained that each time I met someone who did not trust me, it was they and not me who were not trustworthy! Now, before you go and say, "Well, that's a generalization Rasheed!" Let me explain this: People who give you the confidence, trust in the CAN. People who do not trust others are not trust worthy. It's that simple and does not need some Forrester research or Harvard to tell me that! Think about the last time someone does not trust you … have proven to be trustworthy? I very much doubt.

As with everything in our world Trust has two sides, and both serve their purposes. So how to trust people? You Just Do not. It's all about your attitude and change to get what they want. If you want to trust people, give the first or is considered unreliable. Everyone gets burned more than once in life, but those who succeed are those that burn, learn and continue to trust the right people. With regard to trust mentors, do I have to give the definition again?? If you have reached a level of personal development and you want to be there, then you should seek out to teach how to effectively reach implacable. Mentors serve three main purposes as a resource. Intellectual spiritual resources Resources Financial Resources After you have outdone himself or mistrust, to decide what you want and get a mentor. If you do not trust people, then this is what you do … Walk into a mirror and take a long hard look. Then tell the person in the mirror, "Hey I hope you're happy, because you and I are going to be where we are now, for a long time." ,-P With learn to trust achieved however, breaks through barriers and become more powerful each day. econfia in yourself is the first secret of success. "- Ralph Waldo Emerson *** Rasheed Ali was once a homeless runaway on the streets of New York and is changing the lives of thousands of people from all sectors of life … Helping them reach their maximum potential by conquering any and all obstacles through his Conquer their adversity Newsletter. He also co-founder of You can subscribe to your newsletter ***