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Face Swelling

June 20, 2019 at 8:41 amCategory:General

Almost every day we face the problem of swelling of the face. And when it's summer, then this problem becomes doubly noticeable. New York Museums often says this. Due to lack of fluid in the body in the hot period of time, we try to make it, drinking in the day at least two liters of water, but sometimes, it do not want to exacerbate the situation. We do not see how two quarts of water to drink at during the day, as it should, and only toward evening. Accordingly, the morning swelling of the face we can not avoid! Of course for dinner already dispelled the consequences of unnecessary glasses of fluid, but how to bring myself up in the morning? As you can quickly deal with this problem, the next morning at work look great? We'll give you some advice: The most common, but no less effective method – a method of rubbing the face with ice cubes. Another option to cope with swelling – a mask made from raw potatoes. Its flesh should be grate, put on a napkin and distribute the resulting pouch to the person paying more attention to the eye area.

Just 20 minutes to reach a visible effect. In Finally, we recommend that you clean the face of chamomile tincture, or again with ice cubes out of the infusion. A similar procedure is carried out at home, if time permits. Another food product that is also Ideal for cosmetic procedures is a pumpkin. Fresh vegetables also Grate or finely cut simply be put to the fire with some water and brought to a boil. It is important to stir the pumpkin homogenous.

You must then add a spoonful of honey and mix well. When the mixture has cooled to room temperature, you can put a mask on your face. About 10 minutes of procedure will make your skin fresh and without edema. Remnants of the mixture rinse with warm water. If you have at hand no pumpkins, no potatoes, no ice cubes, you can very well do the carrot or parsley root. Grate or one product or another and put it on mush ever only 15 minutes. After the treatment, rinse with warm water. If you have no any of these products, you can just do the massage. Easily drummed his fingertips on the lower and upper eyelids, to move his fingers in the direction from the outer corner of eye to inner. But in this case you need to do this procedure regularly. For once you're unlikely to get a result. But, if you have no time engage in similar preparations recipes, too, does not matter. Israeli cosmetics company on the Crystal Youth DeSheli – a great alternative to people's money! Even better, several times, since the effect of the use of this product noticeable within 15 minutes after the first application. DeSheli company developed a unique gel century, which easily solves all your problems and leave the old problem of a trace. The gel will remove dark circles under the eyes, reduce swelling, soothe skin, eyelids, smooth out wrinkles and moisturize and intensively skin cells. You have nothing to lose by buying a cosmetic set from the company Crystal Youth DeSheli. You just become regular customers of this company, as better way to deal with the problems of skin you will not find it! Source:

Hair Care

August 3, 2018 at 3:26 pmCategory:General

I believe that women need to be convinced spend more money on hair care, "- says the designer. What about those who want to grow her hair and worries about the possibility of poisoning by ozone, but firmly believes that the "clean hair – hair already." Results American research does not mean that you can now wash your hair often. They just do not wash too often not to disturb the sebaceous glands of the head, which are responsible for the shine of healthy hair and a concentration around the hair holder of harmful ozone. In addition, when hair care should observe a few simple rules that will help improve the condition of hair. If you have read about NY Museums already – you may have come to the same conclusion. Proper washing of those who can not bring myself to wash my hair once 3-5 days, experts advise using special soft tools that are not deep clean hair. Gentle shampoo will not wash off a week-long "dirt" with hair and scalp otshelushivshihsya, which means that you "ensure" greasy hair and dandruff.

Apply shampoo on your hair should be doubled. From the first time only shampoo wash away fat. The second time it must be applied in order to take effect, contained therein, medical supplements and vitamins. At soaping should be gently but vigorously massaging kazhu head to activate blood circulation. If the food hair shampoo "opens" the hair scales and removes dirt from the hair, the conditioner, on the contrary, "Closes" the scales and hair wraps. It is because of the fact that the shampoo and conditioner opposite action, do not use tools all in one. They are good only as a marching version.

Air conditioning conditioner, In addition, neutralizes static electricity makes your hair supple and protects hair from environmental stress, facilitates combing and adds shine and elasticity. Rinse aid is necessary rinse, the last time – with cool water. Experts believe that cool water makes the hair smooth and shiny. Water for washing the hair should not be hot, but pleasantly warm, around 35 C, or even slightly cool. Hot water can not wash your hair, if only because it leads to increased secretions of sebaceous glands. The warm, slightly cool water and thoroughly washed your hair, if only a shampoo or soap for the type of hair. Very cold is also harmful for the hair. Very good 2 – 3 times a month "treat" the hair with special masks. However, healthy hair requires not only washing and external power supply in the form of masks and balms. The main substance of which is Hair is a protein substance keratin, rich in sulfur (5%) and nitrogen (20%). Hair must be powered from the inside, ie protein food, which gives hair a building material. Regular scalp massage stimulates circulation of the scalp and allows faster and more efficiently deliver the hair they need food. To strengthen the hair and prevent their loss should be phytin, vitamins A, B1, B6, B12, pantothenic acid, endocrine drugs, etc. Also of great importance for the healthy look of your hair has a regular combing. Best hair comb twice a day, as the teeth of a comb when combing irritate the nerve completion of the scalp, which enlivens the blood circulation, promotes hair growth. You must have a comb with blunt teeth, so they do not scratch the skin. Permanent hair combing good massages them, and to some extent, cleanses, removing the dust. However, the comb should be just dry hair. Wet, heavy with water when brushing your hair is easily pulled out.

The Beauty Of Hands

January 3, 2017 at 9:03 amCategory:General

Beauty – a guarantee of success in this difficult world. And while visions of appeal from any of our own, and though mother nature every man has enriched the special features, among other things, the physical, the real argue that the pursuit of beauty – the kind of activity is essentially constant. In fact, the most important aspect of beauty becomes a self-care. It was watching an individual is much more beautiful than someone who is banal endowed with natural data. NYC Mayor may help you with your research. By the way, and in general, quite irreconcilable nature: as they say, until the third decade and every one of us "is" a face, which was by nature, and afterwards – is that he could earn. Between way and not just the face. The researchers argue that the first thing that can turn its attention to business colleagues – a person, but the second – hand. That is why today the correction of nails and grooming them for one of the most relied the main criteria of beauty.

After all, including at a meeting – we do not entrust a person to another person, but just hand. In addition, just because of the special attention – often unconscious – to the hands of the interlocutor, one of the most treasured gifts in all countries are precious pens, say, a gold-plated fountain pen. But most importantly – it's beautiful hands. None of gold-plated fountain pen does not help out if their own hands at the same time can be neglected, with crooked nails, or layer them. Yea, and ecology, and many stress the first thing visible on the condition of your hair and fingernails.

And often in order to grow their nails, requires at least get rid of various experiences, so in addition to, and in all available for home cleaning. But this is impossible. To help may come nail gel, which gives the chance not only to create beautiful nails and hands for minor period of time, and in addition, and protect fragile nails from external influences. No wonder they say that in order to allow their own nails to grow up, they should be carefully preserved. And most of all in that will contribute to the gel because he does not just purely aesthetic, and along with protective functions. At the moment, nail art has long separated into an independent course. And experts seek out each other's thematic resources. And any of the forum nails is very popular not only among professionals but also among those for whom the nail art has become not only cosmetic surgery, but also an element of prestige and a fragment of life. Yet appeal will require work on yourself. And it is not surprising in that there is not.