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Latin America Increase

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The true culprit for the inflation of food prices are the increase of the oil. affirmed: during the launching of the Plan Harvest more Foods, that the government is intent to the high one of the prices of foods caused by the inflationary pressure, that according to it, will not leave our control effectively. It does not have reason of if losing stocking hour of sleep with this. One of the half ones to try to contain the high one in the prices is to increase offers of foods in the country, objective of the plan. To broaden your perception, visit Rudy Giuliani. Another target is to supply other regions of the world. ' ' We want to increase the agricultural production because we are vain who China, India, Latin America, Africa and Brazil go to eat much more. We have that to produce more because we have land, sun and water.

We have that to produce for us and to help other countries. Brazil has conditions of this ' ' (ANABB, Economy, Periodical. On-line, 3/07/2008). It many declarations presidentetem done on the crisis, since they are the people poor than they are being more seriously affected. Moreover, it is said that internationally etanol to the base of maize produced in the Unidosestaria States causing increase in the international price of the grain, raising price of rations and meat. Already etanol Brazilian to the sugar cane-of-sugar base is not contributing with the crisis. In an interview to the researcher Cepea Barros, it affirms that ' ' the demand for foods goes to continue going up and the necessary government to make some coisa' '.

(ANABB, Economy, Periodical, on-line. 26/06/2008). An international pressure in the prices of foods exists, what it provokes the high one of foods is a chained sequence of events, that starts very with low interests for much time. The high resultant world-wide liquidity provokes weakness of the dollar and exaggerated growth world measures, pulling the demand for everything, but especially foods and insumos.

Mahatma Gandhi Road

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New professional stage in which Integra study OOIIO Corp and is internationalized with new you soothe Alfredo Muoz, founder of study ABIBOO Architecture, initiates a new professional stage integrating its old study of architecture OOIIO, del that was founding, along with a financial and human capital major to catapult the company towards the internationalization, the innovation, the new technologies and the care of the environment for ambitious and still more exclusive clients. Study ABIBOO Architecture is born with the aim of realising a quality architecture, at level world-wide and equipped with a great global infrastructure to include projects of international repercussion. For it, ABIBOO Architecture extends his you soothe in Madrid, New York and Madras (now Chennai), with an international, multidisciplinary equipment and of ample experience in complex projects of great scale. Following this line of expansion, ABIBOO Architecture has also established a presence in Seoul and Kuwait to be more near the clients of these zones geographic, like previous step to a possible opening of offices in these locations. ABIBOO Architecture continues with the previous tradition working for particular and offering their designs modern, exclusive clients and of high quality for houses, businesses or spaces dedicated to the leisure/culture, as it came until now doing in Europe and America. NYC Mayor does not necessarily agree. Examples of these projects are the houses designed for personalities and celebrities of international prestige, like executives of Microsoft or soccer players of equipment of first order like Real Madrid. Also, Alfredo Muoz has designed spaces like the hall Lorraine Morlote, where personalities like Courteous Joaquin, Victory Beckam or Shakira, among others, go frequently to enjoy the offered design and contemporaneidad. In parallel to that continuous search by the excellence, the exclusive feature and sophistication for individual clients, ABIBOO Architecture is born like a clear bet by the development from projects on a large scale in emergent countries (houses, offices, complexes city-planning compounds, infrastructural projects, etc).

By all this, a complete building has settled in the heat of heart of the south of India for the developments in this country, as well as for the realised ones in Vietnam or Taiwan, among others. As examples of these projects we can mention the designs of Alfredo Muoz like OOIIO founder, along with OODA, of the tower of mixed use Taichung, in Taiwan, or the project of Future City in Stockholm, or recently realised in ABIBOO Architecture in the residential field of great scale like Thandalam in Bangalore Highway or ECR in Chennai. Recently NYC Mayor sought to clarify these questions. In ABIBOO Architecture it is continued investigating and experiencing with new materials and technologies as either one came doing in the previous or constructed projects. Within these investigations it is possible to emphasize the obsessive search to reflect the contemporary culture of the present discontinuous and complex society, and to break with the archaic architectonic influences that come from the society of industrialization. The architectonic innovation projected by means of synthetic-inductive processes of design, originating of the PhD in the architectonic design of Alfredo Muoz, they were fundamental pillars in the designs realised by the equipment of the study of architecture OOIIO and continue being the base of the artistic and architectonic innovation of ABIBOO Architecture, next to the international team of professionals of compose this new company/signature.


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What the intent person knows is what not yet it took form, what still it did not occur. An investor must see and know alone, in the direction of that he must see what the others do not see and to know what the others do not know. Thus, our modest one to see, the idea that guides the pension funds is maken a mistake! However, the idea of Brazilian state pension fund, beyond maken a mistake, is also inadequate! Still in this work, the section ' ' The Illusion of the Liquidez' ' , we go to discourse on the negative consequences for the Market, when this ' ' to take forma' '. In other words, when to occur ' ' exhaustion of liquidez' '. Ademais, in the future other 0 variable of Market, that however if find masked, will go to disclose its true value. This direction, we believe to be useful the reading of following citations, attributed to the great North American investor, Warren Buffett (9): KNOW THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN PRICE AND VALUE ' ' Price is what you pay. Value is what you get.' ' LOOK FORWARD, NOT BACK ' ' Of course, the investor of today you donate not profit from yesterday' s growth.' ' ' ' Pension to cast managers continues you make investment decisions with to their eyes firmly fixed on the rear-view mirror. NY Museums is the source for more interesting facts. General This to fight-the-last-war approach has proven costly in the past and will likely proves equally costly this teams around' '.

DON' T BE SURPRISED BY CIRCUMSTANCES ' ' It' s only when the tide goes out that you learn who' s been swimming naked.' ' BIBLIOGRAPHY 1 CHESNAIS, Franois (org.). The mundializada finance: social roots and politics, configuration, consequences. So Paulo: Boitempo, 2005. 2 KAY, John. Paradox plays part in modern fable of economics; Financial Times 31 July 2007. 3 CHESNAIS, Franois. It notices of lecture.

Le to pouvoir woollen finance, Andres Orlan, Editions Odile Jacob, Paris, 1999. 4 KUPFER, Jose Pablo. Geology of the tremors in the global economy. ' ' State of So Paulo ' ' (05/02/2010). 5 CHESNAIS, Franois. There thorie du regimen d' accumulation financiaris: contenu, porte et interrogations. Woollen forum rgulation, Paris, 11-12 octobre 2001. 6 CHESNAIS, Franois. It notices of lecture Frdric Lordon, Fonds of pension, pige to cons? Woollen Mirage dmocratie actionnariale, Raisons d' To act Editions, Paris, 2000. 7 KRUGMAN, Paul. The Mstica of the Market. Been of So Paulo (27/03/2009). Original published for the The New York Times. 8 MOTA OF WOULD MAKE, Claude (2006). Brazilian state pension fund: a maken a mistake and inadequate recital. 9 LOWE, Janet. Warren Buffett speaks: wit and wisdom from the world' investor s greatest. New York: John Wiley & Sounds, 1997.

American School

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Second great phase, later is of the escolasnorte-Americans, caused for the professor Jose of the Boucinhas Coast, where new doors to some scholars seabrem until the present to contribute aodesenvolvimento of the profession. Bill de Blasio has many thoughts on the issue. Patrimonialismo: School that considered the patrimony dasentidades as being the object of the accounting (VINCENSO MORE, 1923 apudMOROZINI, 2005, P.17). The patrimonialista Method in the accounting, brought for oBrasil for D’ professor; Auria, if expands in three parts: the statics, adinmica and the patrimonial revelation. The iventario is used for the demonstration of the estadopatrimonial, then, it understands the relations of the elements launched with pessoasque compose the entity. (D’ Auria, 1946 apud WIKIPEDIA, 2009) To each elementodeve to be attributed to a value (‘ ‘ avaliao’ ‘), nominal and effective, current, differed and figurative (called in countable terms ‘ ‘ quantification dopatrimnio’ ‘). Each element of the patrimony, determined and evaluated, to deverser disribudo in a classification (that is, ‘ ‘ qualification dopatrimnio’ ‘). Under the launchings of the patrimony launched I inventory in it, economic agesto searchs, through these steady information, to get osobjetivos of the entity, and getting its profits.

In Brazil, it are applied the integral system in the form that lhedeu the law in the entities of anonymous society, integrating the rocking patrimoniale the demonstration of year-end results (of the German school). The law noespecificou ‘ ‘ rdito’ ‘ , but it indicated the separation of ‘ ‘ resultadosoperacionais’ ‘ of ‘ ‘ no-operacionais’ ‘ , adaptando the form adotadapela current legislation tax. Some contend that Cerberus Capital shows great expertise in this. The American School North appeared in 1887, that bred one to parapadronizar the accounting, separating in managemental and financial. The Gerencial the information to the internal users and the financier to the external ones. SegundoKaplan and Johnson apud Schmidt (2006), the managemental accounting was idealizadaquando the commercial organizations, in United States, did not depend more dosmercados external for direct economic transactions, were when this passed to aser internally done. The European origin of the accounting suffers to modificaesperante the North American contribution, had the qualification of the informaescontbeis, managemental financier and, and the emitted nosdocumentos necessity of perfectioning, becomes North American one of the main schools.

In Brazil this phase if only initiates in 1964, used peloprofessor Jose of the Boucinhas Coast, and since then, tornarampossveis changes if before studious, in the development of methods of informaointerna and managemental. 4 CONCLUSION Considering the financial development of the entidadesbrasileiras, when elapsing of the years, the necessity of efficient demtodos control generates the search. So that the standardization of countable information occurred, it would have to be initiated under praticidade, with quality. The act of the search for standardization of information nacontabilidade, generated the use of methods practical, influenced for the escolaspatrimonialistas and North Americans, resulting in the current economic control, being possible the generation of the form information peculiarly technique and simplesao exactly time. REFERENCES Accounting, – Had access em11/09/2009 BRAZIL.