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The Decentralization

April 23, 2020 at 12:42 pmCategory:General

Any difference between the consumption and the local generation is supplied or consumed for the energy net, excusing the use of batteries. Of the point of view of the consumer, the advantage is the direct reduction of the cost of the electricity account. Of the point of view of the energy system, the advantages are the release of generation capacity and transmission of energy, the levelling of the load curve, the reduction of costs and the decentralization of the generation. It understands also that this will provide the creation of satisfaction, that is classified enters the consumers through the generation of a positive image as for the cares with the environment, in the minds of the consumers. The fotovoltaicos systems come receiving great attention in some countries. Fotovoltaicos panels are available today in some presentations, beyond the classic plain form: as roofing tiles, plated flexible, semitransparent plates etc. This makes possible the integration of the fotovoltaicos panels to the constructions, with a minimum of impact architectural. The co-generation in commercial buildings allows the reduction of costs and is particularly advantageous when one remembers that the activities in these building if concentrate during the day, in the period of availability of the solar energy. In the case of Brazil, the territorial extension and the high levels of solar radiation, during all the year and in all its territory practically become the viable fotovoltaica energy. One concludes that the implantation of solar energy in the Brazilian companies, is viable, data that the country presents all the requirements techniques for this, and more important still, on account exists an increasing demand for clean sources of energy in the country of the requirement on the part of the consumers in relation to the cares with the environment, what it guarantees the demand for the fotovoltaica energy.

Roofs Of Wealth

September 9, 2017 at 7:03 amCategory:General

The owners of Spain’s largest construction company collapse in the ranking of richest people in the country. while employers gain force dedicated to the service sector. Although their fortunes reach the billions of euros, their losses are also substantial. We are all helpless before the crisis, although some have more to lose than others. The rich Spanish with less money than in previous years, according to the country’s media. In 2007 the 50 people with more money in the stock market were around 100,000 million euros.

Today that figure is 46,000 million. The rich are less rich, but not cease to be. Spanish Among the more money one hundred fourteen women and seventeen are new faces. Luis Areces, the owner of the English Court, is the most veteran of 96 years. Jose Luis Bartibas: dedicated to new technology, hospitality and renewable energy, is the youngest of the ranking. The greatest economic failure of 2008 takes it Roman Sanahuja passing of the sixth position to the disappearance. Metrovacesa, the real estate Sanahuja has contracted a debt of 7,000 million, and wealth is history. Despite the losses Amancio Ortega remains number one.

The owner of Inditex has a total fortune of around 20 000 million. After their success in the textile market, the employer expanded the business beyond our borders and other sectors. Several hotels in America have been the main investment Ortega. The owner of companies such as Zara or Maximo Dutti has half of what we had last year, according to the National Securities Market.