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Ivan Ivanovich

November 14, 2020 at 10:41 pmCategory:General

Well, do not, so do not. Not very much wanted. Do not you want as you want. And sparkling eyes, shining his sleepless night. And, no, no, yes, and then suddenly thought: "God, what a fool I am!" But there comes a morning, to dispel nightmares and again and again arrogantly declares it the next gentleman, "I am only interested in sex and business relationship!" Yes if you please, for God's sake. "And to complete freedom of relations" – hesitantly adds a snack. Of course, of course, who's against the freedom of relations? Well, except for doctors Venereologists. And they do not mind – all the bread.

And once again her insomnia, because you want and prickly, and does not call nobody. And here she is successful and well-built suit, and his job he loves. And continuing the habit does not want. And already, no one can. They're afraid. Accustomed to. Anything is better – a joint project, tiring Sexy Exercise – nobody owes nothing to. She wanted it because, not married, right? Perfect world where dreams come true! I very much want to marry a complete contrast, the one that denies the marriage.

He wants to marry at any price, for anyone. What she does – is unclear. Rather, the reason so many that isolate the main so far failed. Time passes. All married girlfriend. My mother tells. It's time to give birth. No wedding photos. And so on. Each representative of the male, who turned in within reach, is regarded as a potential spouse. A colleague who invited the cafe had already mentally trying on "the black funeral dress." Take a business partner appraising look and a new neighbor on the landing she was asked to buy bread, and invited to tea in bed. In the morning she threw on her robe, brewed coffee and coos, looking into it ingenuously eyes full of horror. In the struggle for married all good. Of these copies out great, "not understanding" wife. Chosen as a rule, do not live up to expectations, because the rough beast with a small salary, and why, oh! – She did not marry Ivan Ivanovich. Or Vasily Petrovich. However, it is as easy divorce and starts looking for a new husband. The process is just as senseless and ruthless as her desire to marry. Of course, given pronounced representatives do not represent the whole range of species diversity loser in his personal life. We do not consider today mothers' daughters, wives, unhappy and Shala ordinary. However, everyone has a chance to mutate, following the principle of "self-help." That is, by itself. Because, first of all – a woman. But everything else – in her power. And my advice to cochains article … love yourself or ever will get "not the men" .. Be worthy of U.S. .. And we will do all that You would be well with us.

Human Resources

May 2, 2019 at 9:42 pmCategory:General

Buy wedding glasses. Once again, try on the ring, if necessary, adjust the size. Rehearse the first dance. Dye my hair cut and make the advance. Buy pins, invisible and decorations for hair (barber says what and how much) the day before the wedding ring round all the service providers to specify who will come and how much make sure that everything is fine and will not be surprises on your wedding day. Manicure bride and groom (your fingers to remove the operator will be a close-up). Pat the dress / suit and spray it antistatic. Prepare shoes.

Bridal bouquet and petals to bring and place in refrigerator, where it will remain in the freshest form. You do not have to spend time in the morning on a trip with him. With peonies and dahlias in the morning pick the petals of a better wedding day. Screw the bulb in entrance. To buy a wedding video could not only hear but also see. Arrange with the caretaker, on the eve of washed and cleaned porch area surrounding the entrance. Janitors are generally responsive, easy agree for a nominal fee. Decorate the apartment entrance for the bride and redemption (balls, garlands, posters).

Remove all unnecessary to pass. To order or to decorate the ballroom itself. Groom to go to the hairdresser. Take in ballroom cake, drinks, fruit and hand painted by the administrator. Agree on the time you arrive at the restaurant. Think about who would go on a car. And in whose car load all listed below. – Adhesive tape – Nail clippers – Money – Rings – Towel – salt shaker (salt will give you in the restaurant) – loaf – Disposable cups / plates / napkins – Snacks / Beverages – Wedding glasses – Champagne / chocolates – Tapes for witnesses – Flapper / confetti / streamer – Rice / millet – Petals – Small Money – Candy in bulk – Fireworks – Replacement shoes for the bride – and charge the camera batteries to take interchangeable – Makeup for the bride once again to check everything. Sleep early. In the day of your wedding night's sleep. Eat. Dress-up car. Dress. Your hair. Instruct witnesses to deal with all matters that do not pull you. Immerse all cooked in the trunk. Drink, sit on the track. Receive the blessing of their parents. Get the ring. Not to forget anything at home. All day to smile and have fun! In the evening do not forget to pay the machine, master of ceremonies, musicians, photographer, cameraman, actors and other Human Resources (leave it to parents or witnesses).