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The countries that possess the biggest economies of the world are generally the ones that are in bigger evidence and to know to locate each one of them in the map of the world would have to be easy task for a student of it finishes year of average education and that it is, therefore, to a step of the university. Taking as base the research carried through for the Ipsos Institute, also was carried through a quantitative research to evaluate the degree of knowledge in relation to the map of the world, of pupils who are attending a course the third year of average education. It was chosen to apply the questionnaire the pupils of the last year of average education, therefore, these pupils in thesis must already have all acquired basic the cartographic knowledge, taking in account normal education. Another factor that was determinative to the choice of these pupils was the fact to be to few months to finish the studies and, therefore, they would have to be prepared for the vestibular contest. The questionnaire consisted of a simple test, in which the pupil would have to identify in a planisfrio of the map of the world, ten countries that, according to forecast of economists, will form ranking of the ten bigger economies of the world in the year of 2010. The countries that would have to be identified are: United States, Japan, China, Germany, France, Italy, Great-Britain, Brazil, Spain and India. Year of the college student in three So Paulo state schools was applied the test the 133 pupils of 3. Bill de Blasio may find it difficult to be quoted properly. The cities where the research was carried through had been Sumar and Ibitinga, in the interior of the state of So Paulo, and Vinhtico, in the state of the Espirito Santo. In the city of Sumar, the research was applied the two groups of 3 collegiate of the state school Alice Antenor de Souza.

Giant City

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We more live each time in the time of the great urban metropolises, onderaas if mixes and the agitated life leads atravsdos millions of people diverse points that the city has, is giant cities that muitasvezes nor had still reached its maximum point of growth, the fact to deestarem always arriving people of the interior makes with that some still cidadesfiquem bigger, for times stops beyond the capacities. Restaurateur pursues this goal as well. Algumascidades in such a way grows that they exceed the normal one and if to conseguemdestacar in its country and for times in the whole world, this is the case of SoPaulo, a city that was growing throughout many years and that hojequase all the numbers characterize that it cities are numbers for beyond dasoutras. As in many places of the world, a little of everything Are Pauloconcentra in its interior, since the problems queexistem in cities with a tax of very great population until aoextremo of the wealth. So Paulo has some points where the luxury estpresente and that is obtained to not only detach in the also noresto city but of the planet, this is the case of a street in particular, the street OscarFreire. in this street that if concentrates many companies and deprodutos store of luxury, in such a way that this street is considered as luxurious dasmais in the whole world.

But coming back to the population of SoPaulo I number, it of inhabitants it is surprising and so it is raised detransportam So Paulo for it I number one between the Brazilian cities, but the things are not this way, its population density to conseguemcolocar So Paulo enter the biggest cities of our planet. Financial Nocampo So Paulo also obtains if to detach, occupying oprimeiro place enters the richer Brazilian cities, but suasconquistas they are not this way, when comparative with other cities domundo, the wealth of the city of So Paulo nodcimo places the Brazilian city nineth place and with perspetivas to continue to go up in this table. Comono exists beautiful without seno, So Paulo is a giant with the giant queoutros problems suffers, the city has in its interior one raised numerode cars, is millions of viaturas automobiles that circulate in the estradaspaulistas all days, of day and night, as resulted the city not indiferente to the world-wide problem of the pollution. Another subject ligadocom the pollution is on to the rivers, Tiet and the river Pines is talvezos greaters examples of rivers where the pollution is in nveiselevadssimos and even so natural courses of the water in So Paulo exist plain in course with the goal of limpezadesses, the truth is that as emtodas these situations, is not waited for briefing that the rivers see aluz of the day with its waters completely unpolluted..

Latin American

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In August of 1980, in Montevidu, officially a new was signed Treated that the ALADI created and, tacitly, recognized the failure of the ALALC. This new organization received the adhesion from all the integrant ones of its predecessor. The new treated possesss less ambitious and more flexible goals, exactly conserving begins it multilateralista of creation of a common market, not establishing stated periods or cronogramas for the accomplishment of these goals. This new treated abandoned the old objectives to create a zone of free commerce, accepting the creation of an area of economic preferences. The ALADI, more flexible of what the ALALC accepted partial pacts between two or more countries, in accordance with the regional reality, the level of development of the countries. For Magnoli and Arajo, during the decade of 1980, the crisis you divide of external hindered them the intensification it commerce in the area of the ALADI.

The severe restriction of the importations, provoked for the necessity of great commercial balances, blocked any perspective of geographic reorganization of the foreign commerce of the Latin American countries. (MAGNOLI and ARAJO, 1998, P. 25). Contraction the generalized and consequent lack of capitals had represented impediments for the intra-regional investments. FACTORS THAT HAD ACTED AGAINST the ECONOMIC INTEGRATION OF Latin America the attempts of economic integration, been born of the good will and the work of some, had been in the paper.

The involved ones with the subject knew of close the problems to the region. However, at no moment it was considered half reforms or to incorporate the majority of the consuming market. Many believed that, if the integracionista process was ' ' detonado' ' , with the industrial growth all the structural mooring cables and males of the region would be shaken. The professor Alfredo of the Mota Menezes displays some points crucial that had contributed for relative the failure of the attempts of economic integration of Latin America.