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New York

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The introduction of the effective farmacolgico treatment in 1940 diminished morbidade mortality associated with the hipertenso and resulted in a estimate of less than 1% of Americans who can have complications of the type crisis hipertensiva1. Treated primary Hipertenso cannot progress for hipertensiva crisis in 1% 2% of the cases for reasons desconhecidas2. Hipertensiva crisis is more frequent between blacks, smokers, women in use of contraceptive, social classroom of inferior or patient level submitted the high degree of estresse3; carriers of secondary hipertenso to renovascular and with excess of catecolaminas as feocromocitoma; involved with use of cocana4; patients who had suspended the alpha-2 use abruptly agonistas5 or betabloqueadores5 or alcohol; those not adherent to the treatment with antihypertensives orais3. The prevalence of urgencies and emergencies was evaluated in study italiano6 in the period of one year in patients who had needed service of soon-attendance with fast increase of the Par. It was observed that hipertensiva crisis represented 25% of the clinical cases of this service of emergency attendance. majority was considered as hipertensiva urgency (76%) and 24% remains as emergency.

They did not have knowledge of previous hipertenso, until that consultation, 8% of the patients with emergency and 28% with urgency. Another one estudo7, carried through fellow creature to the previous one in Hospital of New York, evaluated the frequency, the cost, the sociodemogrfico profile of patients with hipertensiva emergency. The time of hospital permanence was on average of 12 days. Cares in service of intensive therapy had been necessary in 75% of the patients, with permanence in the sector, on average, per three days. The esteem annual hospital cost was of approximately 450 a thousand dollars one. The majority had age of 50 years around, was of the masculine sex, the black or Hispanic race and presented level of inferior economic classroom. At least 93% of the patients they had previous knowledge to be hipertensos.

Saint Laurent

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Still in 1966, it bet in prt–porter and it tried the luck in other areas, with the creation of dcors and wardrobes for bailados and cinema. He was when, still in this year, its compatriot Catherine Deneuve dressed, for the film of Buuel Luis, ' ' Belle de Jour' '. In 1967, the Kineckers of velvet had been an important launching for its collections; in the following year (1968), it presented the transparent blouses with seios to the sample, camouflaged only for pockets or prints, and the Saharienne, jacket type safri. Saint Laurent also carried through many collections ethnic inhaled in Africa, Spain, Russia, India and China. Plus a revolution it happened in 1969, with the launching of the tender ones for women, or terninhos, that had been known in the whole world. Still in 1969 it inaugurated in Paris Saint Laurent Rive Gauche, its store for men. Two years later (1971), the surprise was still bigger: feminine blazer and the collection based on ' ' years 40' ' , with naked dresses of coasts, being a success in sales and the first perfume of grife destined to the men, called ' ' Pour Hommes' ' , in which participated of its advertising campaign appearing naked in photographs, what she caused an enormous controversy. Yves, in 1976, took to passarela a memorable collection, nicknamed Russa or Cassaca, with long skirts and rounds, boots, handkerchiefs and xales.

In 1977, &#039 launched the perfume; ' Opiun' ' (bigger success of grife). the Kouros perfume, in 1981. In the following year (1982), it received the Prize International from the Advice of Estilista of America. In 1983, it became the first one to designer of alive fashion to be homaged in the Metropolitan Museun of Art in New York, thus commemorating 25 years of creation. Later, in 1986, the 50 years, Saint Laurent became the first sewer to enter for the Museum of Louvre in Paris, being inaugurated the Exposition ' ' Yves Saint Laurent: 28 Years of Criao' '.