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Trading Racks

March 16, 2022 at 1:18 pmCategory:General

Storage Rack Equipment CVH Among our products we offer the following types of commercial and warehouse equipment: – Trading racks for stores operating in the self-service and mixed with product range. Shelves are made of different sizes, which makes it possible to create a configuration trading floor with a properly organized movement of buyers and making maximum use of trade areas. Standard equipment rack can be supplemented with numerous options batches. – Shelving for warehouse storage of equipment, goods, spare parts, various materials, documents, archival, product placement in the warehouse and industrial premises. All parts are covered with shelves polymer powder coating. – Cargo racks for equipment, components, different materials in the warehouse and industrial premises. – Industrial shelving (front) for storing goods on pallets (pallets) in industrial and warehouse premises. unctional Medicine. Patrick dwyer newedge can provide more clarity in the matter. A variety of accessories allows you to collect the maximum shelf appropriate to your needs for work and storage loads imposed on a section of storage.

– Industrial shelving (deep) to store goods on pallets (pallets) of up to 1,000 kg in industrial and warehouse premises. This type of shelving can significantly increase the number of pallets, compared with front racks. – Cantilever racks for storing long loads (metal profiles, construction materials, etc.). Allows you to sort the goods according to the nomenclature, length, weight, volume, etc. – Shelves with intermediate floors (mezzanine) – installed in warehouses with a large range of products and storage in retail and retail warehouse package. The design of the rack allow the best use of the height of the warehouse with shelving racks with manual handling. In addition to standard designs shelving specialists engaged in the development and manufacture of custom made items. Ken orms shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Miscellaneous equipment for the warehouse of the company CVH. Based on materials of CVH Material Handling

Civil Code

December 24, 2021 at 8:26 pmCategory:General

Any extension to the dwelling house must be approved, approved the project. Otherwise, for this type of extension will have no right of ownership, which means that an addition can neither sell nor give nor bequeath. Jo Natauri may find it difficult to be quoted properly. In addition, it can even be demolished if the court rules, and the demolition will be at the expense of the citizen. Because to do whatever is necessary to 'legalize' this building. Any extension to the house should be in within the rules and regulations stipulated by the legislation of Ukraine.

Building additions must be in compliance with the 'Rules of the contents of houses and house territories' on 17.05.2005, as well as the Civil Code and other government regulations. To obtain permission to build an extension to the house, you must submit to the local authority application for a permit to build an extension. By this statement impassable enclose the following documents: 1. Notarized: a copy of the certificate of ownership or lease agreement premises, a copy of the technical certificate, copies of birth certificates of minors owners apartment if it is privately owned. 2. onal similar source.

State Act on ownership of land. 3. If the apartment is not privatized, it is necessary certificate of registration of all persons living in apartment with the date of birth of each. 4. Written consent of the neighbors adjacent apartments. 5. Coordinated project of building such facilities. Requires a conceptual design and basic construction project, which developed on the basis of the approved preliminary design. Detailed documentation is also required, which is being developed on the basis of the approved project.


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For serial production of castings available semi-automatic, cycle of foam models which account for about 2 … 3 min. and are “taken” from the packaging industry, where they involve the production fancy packaging, light packaging, as well as decorative, sound and thermal insulation panels, decorative facade elements. Practice shows that this model of operating equipment in foundries of our country is the most busy and often operated in three shifts. Industrial areas: modeling, molding, melting, purifying have roughly the same size and are equipped with simple equipment (the most complex model is mentioned).

All molding is composed of dry sand backfill with the vibration of the container up to one minute without massive precision machines pressing, shaking, device assembly forms of traditional types of molding. The focus of attention transferred to production models – these “lightest toys” with the density of the material 25 … 27 kg / cu. m, which is typically “trust” feminine hands, often placing in the second and higher floors of buildings. Quality of the model basically determines the quality of the casting.

Cable Sip

November 30, 2017 at 11:48 pmCategory:General

Cable CIP – Benefits 1. Reducing the voltage drop due to significantly lower reactance (an average of 0.1 ohm / km instead of 0.35 ohms / km), which increases the load in kW for the same line and same voltage dip or improves the quality of the transferred energy at the same load. 2.Umenshenie power line installation costs associated with cutting down a more narrow clearing in the forest areas, the possibility of using shorter poles (recommended distance to the ground for insulated wire is 4 m for bare – 8 pm) 3.Uproschenie process laying new lines, simple retrofitting of existing lines with bare wires on the line with self-supporting insulated wires. 4.Vozmozhnost installing additional parallel to the existing CIP to double the capacity of the network (which is unacceptable when using bare wires). 5.Vozmozhnost joint Laying on the same supports both SIP and high-voltage overhead lines 6-20 kV with bare wires or protected. 6.Vozmozhnost simultaneous mounting on the same phone line supports (0.5 m lower than wire CIP). 7.Rezkoe reduction (80%) of operating costs due to high reliability and trouble-free energy consumers, and there was no need to clear firebreaks in the process of operating the line replacement of damaged insulators. 8.Prostota assembly, the ability to connect new subscribers under stress, without shutting down the rest of the energy supply and as a consequence of shortening the repair and installation.

Reduction the risk of fires in wooded or brushy area in the fall to the ground wire. 9.Umenshenie safe distances from buildings and civil engineering (electrical, telephone, air-lines) that provides greater flexibility when installing. 10.Vysokaya security service – no risk of defeat at the touch of the phase conductors under tension; 11.Otsutstvie or slight sleet and fouling isolated surface wet snow wires. This is explained by the fact that PE is not a polar dielectric, and it does not produce any electrical or chemical bonds with them in contact with the substance. It is for this reason Wet snow is easily flows from the round surface of isolated PE wires. In the wire type A and AS wet snow can be retained in the grooves between the wires, being the root cause of fouling. 12.Povyshennaya safety zones heavy icing, glaze, reduction of wind loads on the supports; 13.Bespereboynoe electricity in case of failure of CIP to the supports.