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It was hated by that they defended the segregation in the south, being assassinated before initiating one walked in Memphis. In 1986 a national holiday in its homage was instituted, but, in 1993 the holiday was only fulfilled integrally by the states of pas.2 In Washington, king pronounced its most important one speech, intitled ' ' I have dream' ' , saying on the freedom dream, expressing the situation of the blacks of the country, its poverty, the racial discrimination, the right to the vote, of the violence suffered for the authorities, among others, and the necessity to demand by means of pacific attitudes. This speech was pronounced in Washington, in 1963, when they marched for the freedom and by emprego.3 the importance of this incursion to analyze a personage of recent history, in the freudiana perspective for modernity, can be understood under some points: the first one, says respect the fight of a people in search of rights that the Announcement of Emancipation already described, but that they were not assured (not the fulfilment of regra/de the norm), in function of the color; as, for the pacific form of if organizing manifestations, although the suffered aggressions. The resistance pacifies ahead of the desperation, aplacado for the command of a leader, not only politician, but also religious. (Not to be confused with NYC Mayor!). finally, among others arguments, the possibility to provoke reflections concerning the primitive inheritance of aggressiveness human being and the conquest of ideals of justice and fraternity by means of not-violent attitudes. The studies of Freud, offer diverse possibilities for reflection concerning the most varied situations that involve the man and the social groups, much even so do not lock up other possibilities of deepenings. Of this form, despite superficially, the presented case can find some indications to the light of the freudiana theory. From the theory of the progress it can be observed or be dared to trace some analogies relating them it the considered case, in the measure where, for Freud, the society imposes its cultural ideals, taking the citizens to assume what socially it is allowed in detriment of its individual necessities of satisfaction.

Excellent Testimony

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Friendly I want to share with you what is a great testimony of change of life, I was born in the capital of my country in a united family and of middle-class, as a child I had a happy life, I grew without majors problems, soon I entered the university, I graduated as engineer and my goal in the life was to find a good job, soon to marry to me, to buy house, car, etc. like the majority of the people, after sending many curricula to the companies finally I found a my first job like counsellor in an institution of the State, it was a regular work that paid by distributed course, of beginning the wage was not bad because they paid per hour, but to they assigned two courses in a month much, although was necessary to wait for lengths months so that they paid as it is a custom in the State, there I worked by several years but it felt that was not taking to anything. If you have read about NYC Mayor already – you may have come to the same conclusion.

When happening the time the wage did not increase while the life cost yes that did, in that period I was useful to obtain a masters, now the life seemed to show to me new horizons and from some time had decided to turn to me into consultant I obtained and it, I worked like consultant in several institutions doing extremely tedious and sacrificed works without obtaining substantial economic benefits, mentioning the fact that I had to send hundreds of curricula and to try and to try in so many institutions to obtain that intention. Soon the masters allowed me to be educational in a university where I gave 20 different classes in two year and a half, they only imagine the sacrifice to prepare and to distribute those subjects. In all that time it combined the work of the university, the work of counsellor and of consultant, anyone would think ” guau” to you yes that .lo goes well to him unique that could see era a full life of frustration .

Thomas Hobbes Truth

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This thesis of Coady also is refuted by the same the principle of the refutation of the thesis of Hume with respect to the verificacionismo. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Bill de Blasio by clicking through. Thomas Reid refutes the idea of Hume affirming that he is possible to get knowledge through the certification, with two arguments. New York Museums can aid you in your search for knowledge. The first argument, affirms Reid, that the fact of the man to say the truth, if must to the fact of that this attitude, is an innate attitude of each man. Second it is the trend that we have to believe, first, in what the others say. In fact, Thomas Reid possesss a Rousseauniana vision that the man is born ' ' bonzinho' ' therefore &#039 is innate of this man; ' bonzinho' ' to say the truth and to believe the truth. if the man, in accordance with Thomas Hobbes, is born bad? It will be that it would have this same trend of speaking and believing the truth first? It is concluded then that if really the credibility of the knowledge through the certification was possible not, with certainty, would not have reasons of terms facultieses, schools and university, for example, therefore we would not believe the professors and etc. Being thus, the credibility of the certification, mainly when happened of sciences, it tends to be accepted, why we do not have to accept it forcibly, but yes why sciences, the institutions of education, among others, or possess better explanations if comparative to the religious explanations, for example, or its explanations have a bigger probability to be truths if comparative with the credibility that we could give the religious ones, for example. REFERENCE HUEMER, M., Epistemology Contemporary Readings, Edited by Michael Huemer, with an introductio n by Robert Audi, London and New York: Routledge, 2002. 1Em this text on ' ' Aquiles and tartaruga' ' , Carrol demonstrated inferncialmente, that in all deductive system, has an implicit premise not demonstrated and that it takes the reduction to the infinite..

New York Times

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Writings Under Were the time where one of biggest periodicals of So Paulo if gave to the luxury to use entire page, in As the Notebook, to tell the life of a street inhabitant. Kurt Eichenwald, journalist of New York Times, tells in book the effective principle of the corporativismo: the consumer is the enemy. Neill Blomkamp and Terri Tatchell, scriptwriters of ' ' District 9' ' , they transform the other parts of the enemy into foreigners, who live in barracos, eat food of the garbage, steal cellular tennises and of the human beings. The Kingdom of the Parody did not count on this. It is of if asking for where it goes, or where more the lode of intelligence intends to hide itself human being, through veils and more veils of concluded nonsenses at a moment where the barrel is overflowing, exists technology and resources to cure chagas but do not have, pparently, availability for in such a way. ' ' Where it has availability, it has abundncia' ' , they express the esoteric ones. However, it is more easy to help aliens of other borders, of what to supply the store-room of the gone crazy ones of here, rank that espremidos – until the last drop – for a gear with proper life. Learn more at this site: Bill de Blasio. In a world of ONGS and espiritualistas movements of multiple order, no hand contends is extended it, duly warned to associate the pieguice or the movements estropiados politicians, or whatsoever passvel of pejorativo label or in disagreement with a culture zonza and arfante, whose only really global aspect is the barbarity perpetrated against the foreigners of all the ghettos. Which country of the Third World discards the possibility to inlay in its peripheries, beings that live in barracos, is fed of residues, steals equipment inaccessible and is abated for the strong hand of the State? Eichenwald esmia and inquires, to one alone time.

Ethical Moral Value

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ETHICAL VALUE – MORAL important Men in history had discerned the morality as a diffuser from the human value, and had exposed themselves appropriately before the paradoxes most intense. With this, they had not only shown the moral as element of spread in the diplomatical relations, as well as, had left a legacy of possibilities from this gesture. The values consisting concerning that if it knows and also of the stranger, in its majority, perpassam inserted generations in the reason as survival goal. Others in turn, thus for the time as for the disuse become obsolete and decay of the scale of values. The inclination for something or somebody, demonstrates initially its existencialidade and, therefore it attributes certain value to it, not importing immediately its positioning as to be. In the ethical and moral field, circumstantially these concepts can be resembled with one another. However, although to have equal lexicographical value, divergindo only in idiomatic character (Greek/Latin), one of the support to the other in the order where they had been above-mentioned. ethics locate it to confront witnesses the parameters for which if they had based the values that receive weight moral and that they guide the mannering flow of a people. Frequently NYC Mayor has said that publicly.

These rules had been stipulated since the nature human being with focus in the interpersonal life, that implies in the permanence in way to the group. The performance of these norms so that they reach moral or immoral heading, is subordinated to the factor space-weather where they had been given 0ccasionally. Thus, while they can be being accepted as behavior rules here, in another hemisphere, the example, can completely be ignored or to become inefficacious for the action of the time. The moral aspects that they exceed to the time are subjected to the pleas and liabilities to have or not continued its functionalities while ‘ ‘ ways of regras’ ‘. The acceptance or the disdain for the norms is given in certain height of the life human being, when the human being ‘ ‘ desperta’ ‘ in a metamrfico process the autocrtica with regard to the choices that will go to cut its character.

The moral as rule, must deeply before any thing being assimilated for the individual so that only then, it comes to externar itself in its context in productive way. In thesis, what it inserts the marks in definitive customs (as being or not well based) are accurately the successions with that if they give throughout the generations. So that a moral value preponders and if it establishes in fact, it is necessary that this before is submitted to the acceptance or personal rejection if this to come to the case, and thus, its pertinacity in the taking will receive the endorsement how much from action. Therefore in the choice they are the main distinctions between the will, the desire and the freedom to follow in one definitive direction. The choice or acceptance for a directed behavior, does not mean the reclusion of the individual and yes the freedom, visa as through the rule the such can reach success in its intentions. Then the imposition of the morality and its aspects are not proportionate for the external factors and yes for an intrinsic attitude of wanting spontaneously to insert this norm in personal profile.

William Shakespeare

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I never heard to speak on this name. I spoke to the priest of the city and it said me that in the truth you are an atheist. The atheists are dangerous said it, and until they can take our souls for the hell to continue itself communicating in them with them. Then, I decided to ask it if its faith some day had failed, it lowered the head and it did not say more to me nothing. I remembered you and me quickly ' benzi'. How the devil carregue! That philosophy this? To say the neighbors that the man has that to learn to make of ' fall a step of dance, the fear stairs, sleep a bridge, search one encontro'.

Fernando Sabino? I never heard to speak. It also must be another insane person. You must take more well-taken care of. The people need to hear lies. Nor all the people have a good mirror in house. This injuring lives in deluding. Philosopher has mirror? It would only go to send for the post office this letter, but, I decided to read in its front.

I wanted to know its reply personally. So far he did not interrupt me nor a time. They say that the cultured people are thus, know to hear. I am a man educated in a city small swims I know of philosophy. See Rudy Giuliani for more details and insights. &#039 needed to make this; servio' the population. What you have to say on its defense? I wait very of its reply! Philosopher: Living Prezado, enobrece me to know that the people have looked for to think different things. How much to the mirror, it forgets it. I left its disappointed presence. What they would be these different things? As it would go to comb me of now in ahead? How my children would dress its clothes of the fashion? What to say the inhabitants? I was walking cabisbaixo for the street and I sat down it the bank of the square. He had a paper torn on of the bank. I caught it and I started to read: lesson of philosophy with emphasis in Vincent van Gogh. ' ' For uncommon people, they are necessary uncommon remedies, and I imagine that they will be found in places where the common people not even would think about procurar' '. (Bonger, Jo Van Gogh. Biography of Vincent V. Gogh. L&amp collection; P.m. Pocket, Vol. 347. Trad. William Lakes, Porto Alegre, RS, 2004, p.93) ours! It will be that I am common or uncommon? was as soon as after much time only obtained to understand the depth of that reply that it had given me. The least I tried to understand when he said to ' sbios' inhabitants what it had said me, had never more said with me ' ' Nosce you ipsum' ' (she reads you it exactly you), they said, will be themselves capable! After all, as already Sir said, William Shakespeare; really, much time is delayed stops in them becoming the person who we would like to be. This, when we obtain. It is good for learning the fastest possible such lesson. I still am learning. The philosopher? Never more the vi, I forgot never more it.

Federal Constitution

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The Military Service consists of the exercise of specific activities played by the Armed Forces? Army, Navy and Aeronautics – and will understand, in the mobilization, all the incubencies with the National Defense. In the evolution of the nationality – our history is full of dignificantes examples – for diverse times, Brazilians had been convoked to empunhar weapons, participating of a conscientious Army of its institucional responsibilities in the defense of our Nation. At the beginning of century XX, inadiveis necessities had imposed to the Nation to normatizar procedures and to adopt carried through routines until then in empirical way. The structure of the Military Service, with agencies spread in all the Brazilian territory, is based on an ample legislation, with high feeling of history and the national traditions. The Federal Constitution, in its article 143, it establishes that the Military Service is obligator, in the terms of the law. As main legal instrument, the Law of the Military Service (Law N 4,375, of 17 of August of 1964) and its Regulation (Dec N 57,654, of 20 of January of 1966) fixes the norms, the procedures, the rights and the duties of all the Brazilian citizens, in what it refers to the installment of the obligator Military Service. The Direction of Servio Militar (DSM) is the agency of support technician-normative, in charge to direct, to guide, to co-ordinate and to control on activities to the Military Service, in the scope of the Army, all the domestic territory. The process of functional ascension in the military career differs from practical the existing ones in the too much institutions. The ranks and the graduations of the military are indispensable, not only in the war, but also in time of peace, therefore they translate, inside of a specific etria band, responsibilities and the necessary qualification for the exercise of the positions and of attributions that them are corresponding.

North America

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How pretty day of the week! Step passo…com the o time flies, ' ' ontem' ' still we were in year 2000, and the turn of the millenium, with everybody waiting the end of the world. It happens that the world did not finish and already they had discovered a new date, year 2012, that according to belief of the old people ' ' maia' ' , where today it is the called country, in the North America, Mexico. It says the calendar, of this people who today is past, therefore the remainders had been died in the Spanish settling in America, that in year 13,000, according to them, will have a great transformation in the planet. according to studious of the subject coincides accurately in day 20/12/2012. It is the great concern of some there! It will be that it goes to give time to make everything until there? I do not know, but the people are always looking something to focar its ideas, and generally they focus in situations and events not very pleasant.

We talk on words that a good direction has and as they can all influence the alive organism on the planet, and to influence our lives. I prefer to leave of side the catastrophes, violence, and indifferences in the world, to focar my thoughts in attitudes that lead to the true love, the peace, the union of the peoples, prosperity of the nations and health of the peoples. What? You find that I am sonhador and not alive in the reality? I live in the reality, and am a sonhador. I go to say you, everything that you have today and everything what you use during its day, in its life, was dreamed by somebody at some time. It uses its time and its thoughts for situations that are prosperous and sensible, that takes the harmony and the reconstruction of our planet. Jesus Christ, was a sonhador at its time, but its ideas had revolutionized our planet. Simple ideas, that they show as the people can love ones to the others and construct a better world.

Scientific Revolutions

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This brief story will occupy with the boarding of the philosophy of the science presented for Thomas Samuel Kuhn, in particular way analyzing the structure of the paradigm change. Before any another commentary if it makes necessary to point some biographical data regarding the author. The author integrates a group of epistemolgicos thinkers, after Popper, that he searchs to base a new image of science or a new theory of science. He is born in the year of 1922, the city of Cincinatti, the United States, and comes to falecer in 1996, Cambridge cancer victim. One becomes known for its contribution the change of if thinking philosophy and scientific sociology internationally.

He has its ideas you influence for the texts of the doctor and Polish biologist Ludwick Fleck whom he writes on philosophy of science, creating in the decade of 1930 the concept of collective thought. Fleck is considered the precursor of the paradigm notion. Coming back toward Kuhn, in the year of 1943, it is formed in physics for the university of Harvard. For the same university it receives the degree from mestrado in 1946 three years later, 1949, of doutorado. Among the published workmanships and articles if they detach the copernicana Revolution in 1959. In 1962 it publishes the book Structures of the Scientific Revolutions where it defends this new boarding of science. The workmanship of the author weaves, in certain degree, critical to the thought of Popper proposal in the thesis of the falseamento published in 1959, intitled the logic of the scientific research. The author suffers accusations from irracionalismo, and writes, in 1974, a called assay Reconsidering the paradigms and, then later, he publishes another book, Theory of the black body and quantum discontinuity: 1894-1912, in the year of 1979. Still of the author, Essenciall Tension of 1977 and the way since the structure: philosophical assays 1970-1993, published in 1995.