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Astrology- Cancer

January 3, 2020 at 12:41 pmCategory:General

Cancer As the era of Aquarius much of humanity will live on other planets and (other (parallel) worlds. This will not men of the colony, but large groups living on other planets and other worlds as ordinary members society of these worlds, that is, immigrants coming into another country, they assimilated with the indigenous population and become an integral part of society. The same will happen with earthlings, to resettle in other civilizations and born in other worlds. Biotechnology, the era of Aquarius will allow people to live freely on other planets and in other worlds. In addition, people who live there, change biologically and physiologically. A home for mankind will be not only our Planet Earth, but all the boundless universe.

Representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations and the parallel worlds will also be live on Earth among humans, but officially, and they will be perceived quite naturally, not in secret, as it was throughout the history of mankind before the age of Aquarius. People and Space are one big family. The entire universe will be home and native land rights. Take the other planets (and the parallel worlds) as their homeland (the cradle) – Land. Do not be a 'racist' in relation to aliens, and representatives of parallel worlds. We are all children of the Creator of the universe.

Remember: humanity and other civilizations and worlds – single family space. The future of biotechnology and earthlings extraterrestrial worlds will allow representatives of different worlds to have children together. Now this may seem paradoxical, but people will fall in love with representatives of other worlds, and representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations – in people. God gave love to all his creatures in the universe.

North America

May 22, 2016 at 10:56 pmCategory:General

How pretty day of the week! Step passo…com the o time flies, ' ' ontem' ' still we were in year 2000, and the turn of the millenium, with everybody waiting the end of the world. It happens that the world did not finish and already they had discovered a new date, year 2012, that according to belief of the old people ' ' maia' ' , where today it is the called country, in the North America, Mexico. It says the calendar, of this people who today is past, therefore the remainders had been died in the Spanish settling in America, that in year 13,000, according to them, will have a great transformation in the planet. according to studious of the subject coincides accurately in day 20/12/2012. It is the great concern of some there! It will be that it goes to give time to make everything until there? I do not know, but the people are always looking something to focar its ideas, and generally they focus in situations and events not very pleasant.

We talk on words that a good direction has and as they can all influence the alive organism on the planet, and to influence our lives. I prefer to leave of side the catastrophes, violence, and indifferences in the world, to focar my thoughts in attitudes that lead to the true love, the peace, the union of the peoples, prosperity of the nations and health of the peoples. What? You find that I am sonhador and not alive in the reality? I live in the reality, and am a sonhador. I go to say you, everything that you have today and everything what you use during its day, in its life, was dreamed by somebody at some time. It uses its time and its thoughts for situations that are prosperous and sensible, that takes the harmony and the reconstruction of our planet. Jesus Christ, was a sonhador at its time, but its ideas had revolutionized our planet. Simple ideas, that they show as the people can love ones to the others and construct a better world.

Scientific Revolutions

July 2, 2014 at 4:33 amCategory:General

This brief story will occupy with the boarding of the philosophy of the science presented for Thomas Samuel Kuhn, in particular way analyzing the structure of the paradigm change. Before any another commentary if it makes necessary to point some biographical data regarding the author. The author integrates a group of epistemolgicos thinkers, after Popper, that he searchs to base a new image of science or a new theory of science. He is born in the year of 1922, the city of Cincinatti, the United States, and comes to falecer in 1996, Cambridge cancer victim. One becomes known for its contribution the change of if thinking philosophy and scientific sociology internationally.

He has its ideas you influence for the texts of the doctor and Polish biologist Ludwick Fleck whom he writes on philosophy of science, creating in the decade of 1930 the concept of collective thought. Fleck is considered the precursor of the paradigm notion. Coming back toward Kuhn, in the year of 1943, it is formed in physics for the university of Harvard. For the same university it receives the degree from mestrado in 1946 three years later, 1949, of doutorado. Among the published workmanships and articles if they detach the copernicana Revolution in 1959. In 1962 it publishes the book Structures of the Scientific Revolutions where it defends this new boarding of science. The workmanship of the author weaves, in certain degree, critical to the thought of Popper proposal in the thesis of the falseamento published in 1959, intitled the logic of the scientific research. The author suffers accusations from irracionalismo, and writes, in 1974, a called assay Reconsidering the paradigms and, then later, he publishes another book, Theory of the black body and quantum discontinuity: 1894-1912, in the year of 1979. Still of the author, Essenciall Tension of 1977 and the way since the structure: philosophical assays 1970-1993, published in 1995.