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Your Country Cottage

January 23, 2019 at 4:56 pmCategory:General

Residents of big cities, are confronted daily with the dust and noise of the city, at least for a weekend dream to leave town and spend time with family, enjoying the natural beauty and tranquility. Opportunity to make this wish to you help buying a home in the cottage Riga highway. Buying a home in Novorizhskoye highway will give you the opportunity to enjoy all the benefits of civilization, and at the same time each day to enjoy the natural beauty and tranquility. You be able to change room apartment close and constant noise in urban cottage in a safe and quiet place where you will have the opportunity, which many city dwellers can only dream of – always relax in the lap nature, coming home after an uneasy day of work. If you decide to do the construction of new cottages, the best bet is to entrust it to professional builders. So how quickly the demand for purchase suburban housing in the suburbs, some construction companies have to provide services of design and construction of suburban housing – houses and cottages, as well as entire cottage settlements.

The company arranges for you buy a country house, which you wanted so, for each structure creates a unique design, carefully considered by designers, it harmonizes with the overall style of the village, but at the same time, has their own uniqueness. At the moment, also enjoys considerable demand for construction of cottages on request, with the architects take into account the wishes of the buyer on the design and decoration of country homes. Conducting evening at the fully equipped cottage allows tenants to have a good rest after work everyday, but also ensures that the aesthetic pleasure. Architecture luxury town houses differs huge stained glass windows, outdoor terraces, low openwork fences that do not obscure the beauty of the owners of the natural environment and if you want make it easy to communicate with their neighbors. One of the villages Riga highway will be a great place to build your country cottage, if you're tired of the eternal city noise and took a firm decision about his purchase. Country houses, located on Highway Novorizhskoye at the moment are very popular among buyers of real estate due to its proximity to Moscow and excellent quality roads. Owning your own home at Novorizhskoye highway today is not only prestigious, but also profitable. By investing in the suburban real estate in the town of Riga highway, you will ensure yourself a room in his house by the river in one of the cleanest and safest districts of Moscow region.

World Trade Center

February 10, 2017 at 3:41 amCategory:General

Construction of Burj Dubai, which is estimated at one billion dollars engaged in public real estate company Emaar Properties. Development of the project was entrusted the building of the American architectural firm Skidmore Owings and Merril LLP, which is also the developer superbashni , which will be erected on place of the destroyed September 11 World Trade Center towers in New York. Chief architect of the project is Adrian Smith. Construction work assigned to the South Korean corporation Samsung, which joined with the Belgian Besix company and based in the UAE company Arabtec, won the contract for the construction of the tallest building in the world. On average, the floor goes on for three days. Educate yourself with thoughts from Bill de Blasio. Total on-site works and four thousand. Here are a few interesting facts.

The water supply system on a daily basis will provide 946 cubic meters of water tower. It's almost half of the typical Olympic swimming pool of two thousand cubic meters. Electrical power to require buildings, of 36 megawatts. As stated on the official site of the skyscraper, it's power 360 000 stovattnyh light bulbs turned on simultaneously. Panoramic elevators, designed for 21 people each, will be lifted at a speed of 18 meters in second.

Naturally, special attention was paid to the sponsors of strength and elasticity of the building. The decision came unexpectedly, and it was suggested by the geometrical features of the desert flower Gimenokalisa (Hymenocallis), which is widespread in these areas. It is surprisingly harmonious and stable plant is quite resilient bionic structure capable of withstanding heavy loads. It is on this foundation and must cock up this record skyscraper composed of elements grouped around a central axis. As conceived by the founders, with the growth of the towers, these items will take on the load side, and in their turn, distribute them to the foundation, will reduce, therefore, central pressure and how to ease the weight of the tower. Appearance inspired by the Burj Dubai the samples used in Islamic architecture. It combines historical and cultural influence of traditional Islamic architecture and cutting-edge technology that allows you to achieve together an amazing spectacle and, of course, set in the Middle East, new standards construction and will be the cornerstone of the futuristic city, which is converted into Dubai. High-tech materials exterior of the building will withstand high temperatures inherent in Dubai summer months. The main decoration materials will be used appearance mirrored glass, aluminum and stainless steel. Vertically oriented columns of stainless steel emphasize height and lightness tower. Burj Dubai will be the highest tower in the world in all four categories established by the Council of tall buildings and urban habitat, which is evaluating. Among the criteria – the height of the spire / antenna height of the floor last "habitable" floor, roof height and overall height of the building. The spire of the tower will be visible from a distance of 95 km. A view from the viewing platform, mounted on the tower will extend to 80 km. This is only half the distance from Dubai to Al Ain, located about 160 km south-east of Dubai. The building also holds the record for number of floors. Previously, the highest skyscraper of the world have visited the New York Empire State Building (381 meters), Shanghai Jin Mao's' Building (421 meters), the Chicago Sears Tower (442 meters), as well as Malaysia's Petronas Towers (452 meters).