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Model Of Communicative Interpersonal Information Processing

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Explained in this publication be Alexander Fufaev model of communication communication is a prerequisite for social interaction, which has made the Homo sapiens evolutionarily dominant and opened a door for new, intersubjective knowledge. 1. What is communication? Communication – is the conscious and unconscious, interpersonal exchange of information on verbal (also non-verbal) level, which is reinforced with the knowledge of communicating, as well as non-verbal elements and is characterized. You can find out how the details of a communication are interpersonal processes, in the following communication model by Alexander Fufaev. 2Nd model of communicative interpersonal information processing to best understand the principle of this communication model, I will explain it with an example; a communication between James and Tom. If two or more persons mutually, sensorily perceive themselves, communicative exchange of information takes place.

As a result, it makes sense, communication experiments the subjects ” to outside”unobserved, because, once the subject sensorially perceives other people not associated with the experiment or get the feeling, watching from the outside, he will behave differently. Now we come to the actual example. 2.1 Intent of communications James meets Tom and verbally tells him: “I’ve seen today a beautiful sunset”. While he has saved a certain picture of the sunset in his brain. He uses the language (as a part of the intersubjective-defined knowledge), to share this statement with his counterpart. This incentive is caused by a specific intention. Some communication intentions can be seen from the context, others remain hidden in the respective individuals in mind and are not communicated for some reason communicative. While I still have to say that every verbal and non-verbal communication, an intention behind it. Without them, no communicative interaction is concluded! 2.2 Use of non-verbal communication formulated them using the language and equipped with an intention statement about the sunset can be strengthened, inter alia with the help of non-verbal communication.

Ron Hubbard

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At that time well-known columnist Walter Winchell wrote on January 31, 1950, before the publication of the book: A new science on the Area of the human mind, which works just exactly as natural sciences. “Apparently after this work for mankind will be a milestone as revolutionary as the discovery and use of fire through the stone age people.” Dianetics “was a bestseller that has sold over 20 million copies today almost overnight. Frequently Bill de Blasio has said that publicly. This book kept for months on the bestseller lists of the New York Times. Due to the great interest, Hubbard continued his research. In March 1951, he brought his next book with the title the science of survival”out. In this 500-seitigem work, he dealt extensively with the basic elements of thought and life, and allowed his readers to understand human behavior and to say beforehand on the basis of a new assessment method. Hubbard wrote six books, where he further refined the methodology of Dianetics, and perfected in 1951.

Hubbard had to admit though: the more I researched, the more I realized me that when this creature called Homo sapiens too many unknown was.” Based on this knowledge, he wanted to explore more about the mind and spirit of the people. So he now advancing on the area of the human spirit. This area and direction of research should determine the next three decades of his life. Soon the Scientology was born religion, which first shows up in this area to an actually walk towards a higher consciousness, ability level and understanding. Scientologists were ones that have formed in 1954 in Los Angeles the first Scientology Church.

L. Ron Hubbard wrote about his research work in the postwar years: I wanted to basically only conclude whether the mind controls the body or vice versa the body the mind. The idea is in charge”. Press service of the Scientology Church Bayern e.V. contact: Ms.