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Capital City

October 11, 2017 at 7:18 amCategory:General

This is a building that is the government headquarters that are in the Capital of the Republic of Argentina, that is, in Buenos Aires, located in the Street Balcarse n 50, and for me he is one of the biggest tourist points of Buenos Aires. They have a very peculiar architecture, and for who it does not know its pink color was removed of the pigmentao of the blood of a type of animal. Add to your understanding with NYC Marathon. Some speak that he is of cow others that are of another type, some speak that was for representing political party of the time, others still say that it is because also the ink was with a very small cost to be made, therefore, had removed the pigment of the blood of the cow, at last Being of cow or representing political party or, the truth is not that the building has a pretty and very very showy architecture what, by the way, is a constant in this city, therefore, exactly being a great city very as any another one has much of its well conserved historical buildings, differently of much great city there. Valley one visits Much more on the tourist points of Buenos Aires;.

Federal Institute

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To the Federal Institute Minas Gerais? Campuses Are Joo Evangelista for yielding the space for the accomplishment of the research. ' ' The education is a social process, is development. It is not the preparation for the life, is proper vida' '. John Dewey SUMMARY the objective of this study was to inside analyze the index of accidents of the lessons of physical education in the Federal Institute Minas Gerais – campuses Are Joo Evangelista. For such end it looked for to identify the types of occured injuries in the lessons of physical education and to make an identification of factors that favor the possible injuries. The collection of the data was carried through, through a questionnaire destined to the learning.

In the total had been 391 interviewed pupils, all of average education, occurring 5% of injuries in 1 year, 3% in 2 year and 0% in 3 year. The types of injuries that had occurred had been cimbra, luxao, excoriations, entorse. The reached region more had been the inferior members. The causes of these they had been detached by the pupils, the incoherence on the part of the same ones at the moment practising the exercises, and in some cases it was for the shaken nervous system, and another reason was in relation to the exercises badly executed, the physical fatigue also was one of the injury reasons. For the number of occured practical lessons inside of the Federal Institute Minas Gerais? Campuses Are Joo Evangelista, can be considered minimum the number of occurred accidents. Although that each accident is an accident and we must prevent it the maximum. Words key: Accidents, physical Education, injuries RESUMEN The objective of that study was you analyze the index of accidents inside of the physical education classrooms in the Federal Institute Minas Gerais – campuses Are Joo Evangelista. An will be such end it tried you identify the types of lesions happened in the physical education classrooms and you of an identification of factors that you/they favor the possible lesions.