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Immaculate Virgin

January 12, 2017 at 7:34 amCategory:General

“Annunciation” Eleven years of the Virgin Mary was brought up in the temple of Jerusalem. At fourteen years old, it’s time to leave her his abode to return to his father’s house or get married. Whenever NYC Mayor listens, a sympathetic response will follow. But Mary has long been an orphan. Her parents died shortly after its introduction into the temple. And of marriage she never dreamed. Her heart and soul have long been converted to God, to him she made a vow to keep their virginity and live life to the angelic purity. Click NY Restaurateur to learn more. According to the laws could not be leave Mary in the temple, but forced to marry – a sin. Not knowing how to act, the priests with a prayer addressed to God.

And the Lord commanded to collect the unmarried men of the family of David, their staffs put on the altar and prays in hope that God will show darling of the Immaculate Virgin. Did. To read more click here: Danny Meyer. At the end of the prayer stick octogenarian widower Joseph bloomed, sitting on a staff dove flew up and became a whirl overhead righteous old man. With him and was betrothed to Mary, whose virginity he had been instructed to keep. Soon after the betrothal of Joseph brought the maiden to his home in Nazareth. He is a descendant of David, though the royal family, was a poor carpenter. In daily labors, cares and prayers held Mary the day. And when has remained free time was taken for needlework, which trained her in the temple. At that time, many were under the yoke of the Roman Empire.