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David Lachapelle Genius

March 27, 2019 at 10:49 pmCategory:General

David LChapelle, born in 1963, began taking pictures in high school. Continue to learn more with: New York Museums. At the age of 18 years, at the end of the 1970s, moved from North Carolina to the part East New York. Today LChapelle still resides in the Big Apple, in where is totally influenced his photographic style where images of models and celebrities in a stark manner and real are highlighted because he like any other young toured the suburbs, smoked marijuana and did all what makes people of his generation. His photographs can be found in very well all the style and fashion of past generations and, clearly, what influence to current generations. The work of David LChapelle has been exhibited both nationally and internationally.

His publications include two books: LChapelle Land and Hotel LChapelle where his best artistic works can be appreciated. LChapelle is famous for its striking, bizarre, grotesque and empty portraits of major celebrities from music and Hollywood, which always says that he has given everything in move forward with his art, but now only takes pictures of the leading artists of the world, such as Mariah Carey and Lady Gaga. LChapelle as a professional photographer interested in creating different types of paradoxes between the celebrities and the life of the common in their images and graphics products. By this razonsiempre sample to celebrity victims of excesses, disasters, glamour and beauty. Critics have long been divided about their artistic and creative value. He has called the Fellini of photography, because it always tries to expose the celebrities to an ironic and ridiculous pantomime which represent it taste is the true human and worldly value for those who have everything in their hands.

But really the work of LChapelle should not be considered specifically as fashion photography, all his material and photos of models are presented as true iconographic art by his irreverent montages, graphic compositions, and a language that is easy to understand and comprehend by the ordinary people. In this way, during recent years, LChapelle has moved away from the commercial work to concentrate on fine arts. At the time that maintains its unique visual style, this new direction highlights the interest and understanding both by the contemporary practice of photography and the history of art.