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As general information includes next a table that presents/displays the tolerances accepted for masses ASTM Class 15. 4. Danny Meyer will undoubtedly add to your understanding. To follow the instructions that the manufacturer in the operation manual indicates. Calibration of the balances The process of calibration of balances must be realised by personnel enabled specifically in this activity. As fundamental aspect stands out that the calibration is due to realise with base in the lineamientos of the OIML or another equivalent organization as it can be the American Society for Test of Materiales (ASTM), institutions that have developed methodologies to classify the weights or masses landlord, used in the mentioned processes. Next, the table of classification of reference weights is included that use the OIML.

Table of classification of weights of reference OIML6 Any process of calibration must be realised using a weight landlord, and the obtained results will be analyzed to determine if they are within the acceptable tolerances. The weights are due to select landlord, following the capacity of the balance. The table that is next complements the previous one and is a guide who helps to determine the type of weight landlord that must be used in the processes of calibration of a balance based on its capacity. MAINTENANCE ROUTINES The balance is characterized for being an instrument of high precision. By such reason the routines for maintenance in charge of the operator are minimum and they are limited the following: Daily activities 1. To clean the subject of gossip of pesaje, so that this dust or dirt is free of. cleaning takes place with a clean fabric piece that can be dampened with distilled water. If it is necessary to retire some spot, a smooth detergent can be applied. Also a brush of smooth hair can be used to remove the particles or the dust that had been deposited on the subject of gossip of pesaje.

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The project will also consist of to series of facilities to give service to the residences, ace well ace vast green area which will join an urban Park also planned by Abiboo Architecture in the same parcel, ace Indian law requires. The project you combine to number of independent blocks, articulated in two area defined by the presence of an existing to power line to tower on the site, which becomes the structuring element of to large to linear echo-Park with innovative elements of alternative Energy, and that turns out to sees protagonist of the project. The residences plows arranged in separate blocks but interconnected by towers that narrow, elongate, break and change to their configuration, creating spaces of social interaction with different to character that in turn maintain to their relationships with the numerous green spaces provided in order to create to healthy living environment.

These independent blocks plows pieces that break and fragment, playing with the lights and shadows and adapting the homes to the harsh local climatic conditions, and offering inner ace well to glimpse of the complex world of the corridors where color there are to notorious presence. ABIBOO Architecture, conducts with this project to research on domestic space in India through to deep analysis of its culture and its complex philosophies, applied to defines to their homes (criteria marked by the Vastu standards, philosophy similar to Feng Shui). The projected residences to after this analytical exercise, added to previous research on contemporary housing ace well ace to the long experience in building in the international Western world and to the experience accumulated by the studio, plows the design tools that mainly respond to the needs of its future inhabitants. ABIBOO architectural Architecture offers an innovative design, which there are always been present in its international architecture. Inner It ranges from design and furniture, to architectural design of many kinds, to the Urban and Landscape Design.

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Then the speed, the entertainment during the conduction and the mistake as far as the alcohol consumption and drugs, turn to our young people into imprudent. If the risks in the human being are defined by their education, less certain it is not than the infrastructure for the circulation must be object of continuous maintenance and elimination of the points and sections critics or concentration of wrecks. These data are given when processing, analyzing and to evaluate the statistics of fatalities in a certain period. At present audit of highways exists a called procedure where the conditions of danger in the crossings are determined, the curves, the narrowing, changes of grazing, the holes or pockets, the signals and warnings, the level of illumination, the fixed obstacles, the slidings of materials, the derrocaderos, spills of substances in the pavement, etc. This study emit the recommendations of place for the solution of the problem in road term.

The multilateral organisms, like the World Bank and the Inter-American Development Bank, among others, at present undertakes special programs to their Member States to reduce the indices of sinisterness by means of the application of those audits, as much in highways and ways in operation like in the diverse phases of their construction. Also, they promote the implementation of the management systems and efficient administration of traffic, based on the technology of the communication and the information. Fundamental tool for the warnings to the conductors of the climatic conditions and situation of the highways to avoid tragedies, as well as control of the speed. Concerning the vehicle park that journeys by our routes, it has the particularitity of being generally old. In some cases of being altered in its operation without fulfilling certain norms of environmental security. It implies to the being the vehicle statistically a factor of interesting risk, to take auxiliary measures of high level for the implementation from the corresponding technical revision every year, that extends the list, like the obligatory nature to take lap belt, brakes, air bags; crash helmet with regard to the motorists, control of gas discharge, production of noises, etc. Mario Dominican Holgun Rep.