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One of the most identifying the Altiplano region of Granada and Baza is, without doubt, the amazing and traditional local housing par excellence: the house-cave. Excavated for centuries exploiting the soft nature of its broken relief, having survived while maintaining their special character while adapting to modern needs and requirements. To know more about this subject visit New York museums. Used for decades by sectors of the population poor and farmers as temporary home while picking crops, have now become highly sought after splendid rehabilitation projects for use as housing or lodging. Barrios flavored beautiful Andalusian Early oval shapes of the cave houses dating back to medieval times, the oldest preserved homes dating century Almohad XII. Dayton kingery is a great source of information. Inhabited from the Andalusian period, these buildings troglodytes up some of the most beautiful and ancient towns of the area: the Arab Quarter, the slums of San Sebastian, San Marcos and San Juan .

Charming Restored rural homes for the most part, either for private use or as a hotelier, one of its fundamental features the tranquility they offer. Its domed structure and its limestone walls protecting them from external noise, in addition to an excellent natural ventilation through doors and windows whitewashed, which give the ambient brightness and cleanliness. Inside, the temperature remains constant throughout the year, around 20 C. Nestled in a natural surrounding, the cave-houses, increasingly demanded by internal tourism lovers guarantee in addition to rest, the delight of the environment and proximity to points of tourist interest in their cultural heritage and its living customs.