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PiP Color

July 22, 2018 at 10:18 pmCategory:General

But there are drawbacks to a large display can problems with color. Color saturation and brightness also depends on the viewing angle. In the projection TVs, the picture on the screen is also formed by the lamp. Unlike LCD TVs, where used panel with color crystals and white lamp in projection TVs use three lights – red, green and blue. Through a system of mirrors, the image is projected onto the screen. The main advantage – superior color reproduction. Gain insight and clarity with NYC Marathon. Disadvantages – need partial shade areas for viewing and the large size of the TV.

Due to frequent changes in voltage lights can be damaged and the replacement cost of each bank. Useful freaks PIP provides simultaneous playback of two on-screen images. In the PiP (Picture in Picture – 'PIP') the main image is full screen, and in the corner placed an additional image. In the PP (Picture and Picture – 'Picture and Picture') screen is divided vertically into two parts. Sound can also be played on different channels: on the one picture he is going through the TV speakers, and on the other – on headphones. Teletext – is the ability to receive messages of the television network that allows transmission of text and simple images. This feature is not used in ordinary broadcasting. Actual viewing pay channels. Danny Meyer pursues this goal as well.

Channel Scan – the screen is divided into several small screens: they show stills of TV channels. Useful when searching for the transfer. Technology Option 1) Select the refresh rate 2) Evaluating digital processor Notice how the appearance of motion of various objects: it should be smooth. Sloping lines should not be like a ladder. The screen should be clean and free of digital 'noise'. Faces of the people must look natural, do not look like a mask, and wrinkles – does not resemble scars. 3) Check the geometry of the screen to find the image vertical and horizontal lines and see how they behave on the screen. For such test is suitable, for example, a panoramic view of the city – on poor-quality monitor when you turn the camera clearly shows that the wall of the building goes beyond the screen at once, and parts, as if it is reflected in a distorting mirror. 4) Check color uniformity of color rate, this will help you DVD-ROM. When comparing TVs recommend using one disk: it can bring with you or ask the seller. To evaluate the images are best suited sports reports, removed from natural light.

Household Appliances

November 16, 2016 at 2:34 pmCategory:General

In our house there are more high-tech, expensive appliances. But often the quality of electric power in electric circuits is different from the existing rules, we have over or under tension mains, high-frequency noise, voltage pulses and other defects in voltage electrical network. Electrical power supplies can not always protect against poor voltage electrical network. NY Museums shines more light on the discussion. And as result – failure of expensive equipment. NY Museums can aid you in your search for knowledge. To avoid trouble from a poor power supply must be connected to the mains voltage. The voltage regulator is a device at the exit which is supported by voltage 220 volts, regardless of the input voltage stabilizer. Therefore, voltage regulators are inexpensive reliable protection that will protect your appliances from a poor power and crashes into the mains. Surge protectors are one and three-phase, for output voltage applied to protect a single appliance, as well as apartments, offices, cottages.

According to the principle of the voltage divided: ferroresonance voltage – voltage regulators are not currently available, as they have many shortcomings, low efficiency, inability to work without stress, a lot of noise. Electromechanical voltage regulators – the stabilization of the alternating voltage is carried out by switching the windings of the autotransformer brush servo controlled by an electronic circuit. Surge protectors of this type have a high accuracy of stabilization of output voltage, no noise, and are used both at home and at work. Surge Protectors with stepwise control – voltage regulation in these stabilizers is carried out by switching the windings of the autotransformer power switches (relays, thyristors). Stabilization accuracy AC voltage of the voltage regulator is not very accurate, so they are all too common. Voltage regulators on the principle of magnetic amplifier – stabilizers that can operate over a wide range ambient temperatures, but due to other technical characteristics of low voltage because such wide application not found. Voltage regulators with a double transformation of the energy and with a high-voltage transistor control – advanced integrated circuits are at the stage of industrial development. Store electrical equipment