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Berlin Managing Director

August 3, 2018 at 3:36 amCategory:General

Fantastic scenes to the music of Frederic Chopin and Robert Schumann, 24 August to 19 September 2012 (except 31 Aug to 3 Sep and 14-17 Sep) di SA 20:00, 19:00 in his latest production combines Opera Director and conductor Christoph Hagel the sunken melancholy of the 19th century with modern urban irony. Works by Chopin and Schumann are both interpreted faithfully as well as very today and with brilliant Zirkusacts poetic scene. “” Christoph hail Valse triste “continues the visualization of classical music, the 2010 with the world-wide success flying Bach” began at the Neue Nationalgalerie. Hail staging is a Menage atrois a timid clown, a beautiful ballerina and a dominant angehimmelten of her. Five outstanding artists embody these and other figures in the first part of the production. Present to the whole art of their profession in 24 sketches and studies for the 24 Preludes”by Frederic Chopin. In the second part of the evening, the clock is turned back: Students of the State Ballet School and school of artistry will perform to Schumann’s kinderszenen”. “The end of the evening finally takes on a fair: accompanied by Schumann’s furious Papillons” the three main characters meet on those children who they once were.

A carousel is then back in the future… Four musicians on piano, harmonium, accordion, clarinet and harp create the balancing act between romantic music world and current versions. Artistic Director: Christoph hail / drama / dance and artistry: Fabian Cohn (clown), Sylvania Pen (ballerina), Oliver Pollak (juggler), Nikolay Matev (Tamer), Ronan dos Santos Clemente (page), Terzia Potkieter (governess), e.g. / music: Christoph hail (piano, harmonium), Domenica Reets (harp), Oleg Nehls (accordion), Alexander lucky man (clarinet and bass clarinet) among others Christoph Hagel_Vita Christoph hail is primarily modern adaptations of classical operas and their performance in unusual places known. Hail received his musical training in Vienna, Munich, Berlin and New York, among others, Leonard Bernstein, Sergiu Celibidache.

In addition to his artistic commitment of born in Baden-wurttemberger worked several years in Latin America. He regularly conducts orchestras in Argentina, Colombia, Mexico and Peru. Hail productions now represent an important facet in the cultural life of Berlin. Keep surprised the Director with unusual and varied productions. For more information see cards: 030-390 665 50 / cards including all fees: Presale 34.50 44.50 / AK 29,30 37.

Arno Fischer

March 8, 2017 at 1:35 amCategory:General

Exhibition opening shows the speech room gallery in Berlin-Mitte photographs of the passionate photographer and teacher Arno Fischer on 16 August 2012 from 16 August until September 9th, 2012 in combination with selected photographs of his students. A year after Fischer’s death focused this small exhibition on his role as a teacher and shows on the one hand, that Fischer gave his students and on the other hand favorite images of the donee. With this intimate dialogue of images, the exhibition invites to visit Arno Fischer, remembering his and him thus post mortem for his work to say thanks. Arno Fischer – visit exhibition in the speech Hall in Berlin Center, opening on August 16th, 19: 00 in 1927 in Berlin born, he studied sculpture in divided Berlin, but then is photographer. From 1956 until shortly before his death, he teaches photography. Countless stations, of Dortmund, New York and Berlin, Leipzig as a Professor, as a teacher or just teaching friend make him, what his students want to thank him and why this exhibition is necessary.

The Series of events accompanying the exhibition of Arno Fischer visits’ offers readings, talks and film screenings which corresponds to the life and teachings of this central personality of DDR photography. Photographers, gallerists, University professors, publicists and publishers that fishermen will appreciate and remember, invite you to fun and reflective photography evenings in the speech Hall. The small collection of photo books originated under Fischer’s care is another treasure of the exhibition.