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The Baby

February 4, 2020 Comments Off on The Baby

People familiar with this procedure, confirm, not a cheap and I wonder how the clinic has managed to discern, but rather nafantazirovat such a result. One can not see another one of the sins that we have in our veterinary – unwinding of the client, inventing what some fantastic diseases. Just want to tell you about a real event in my life: This story takes place with my girlfriend (actually, on the basis of which we met). Valentine's Day my husband gave her a wonderful four months of oriental kitten. The kid was bought in one of the renowned Kiev nurseries, which for many years enjoyed a good reputation.

As is well known in our country are very fond to carry out all sorts of unplanned repair teplomagestraley when the temperature outside is not above zero, and the Orientals still warmth-loving creature as they did not try to heat a conventional flat fan heaters and fireplaces for 2 days of repairs, the kitten still cold. Well, good cold, naturally the question arose of what to do, but since it was their first animal and a trusted doctor they did not have, first, that we decided to do – immediately in the clinic! For a short time that the kitten had lived in their family, all had very attached to him and therefore decided to health of the baby does not save went to one of the most expensive veterinaries Kiev. The doctor examined the animal, wrote a treatment for uncomplicated, consisting of strong antibiotics (so the result was visible at once), which are naturally to them immediately and sold, assuring them that the more they never find such a "miracle drug".

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