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The Baseball Furies

May 6, 2014 Comments Off on The Baseball Furies

“Warriors … come out and play-ay!” Along the way, the Warriors are the following bands of fantasy, from north to south: The Baseball Furies – A gang who always wears baseball uniforms brings unique painted faces and baseball bats. Its main building resembles a boat lined bats exit the building. Despite a highly respected and formidable band, are shown to be very poor as the fighters who lost a fight against the Warriors, despite having them in number from 8 to 4. The Gramercy Riffs – The largest and most respected gang in New York, led by Cyrus before his assassination at the hands of crooks. Each member brings orange karate gi with the exception of our leader, bearing the black. Are supposed to be martial arts experts, because of their dress and martial arts style kicks used in a fight with Warriors Cleon leader. The Orphans – A poor, cowardly, little-known gang in the Bronx.They are not part of the “network” of the Gramercy Riffs, therefore, so are not invited to the meeting with Cyrus. Rogues – a band led by Luther, who were responsible for killing Cyrus. Rogues are the main enemy Warriors because Warriors Cyrus framed “murder, after the events of the film. The Turnbull AC’s – A band with a shaved head, who travel in large numbers in a spray paint buses and wear denim jeans and jackets with matching patches. Its territory is about Gun Hill Road in the Bronx. According to Rembrandt, including the Gramercy Riffs are afraid to go toe to toe with the bulls . The Lizzies – A band of women, who seduce with the Warriors and success in delivering some of his Bowery apartment to kill them. His name as a double reference to Lizzie Borden.It may also suggest lesbian tendencies ( “lezzies” is a slang derogatory term for lesbians), which are implicit in a suggestive dance scene between two of the gang members. They also represent the mythical mermaids. The apartment they take for the Warriors is directly across from CBGB. The punks – A band with a leader who walks around Rollerskates. The warriors fight in a mens room at the 14th Street-Union Square subway station. The members are all high, wide and white (although at least one African American in the band), is similar to hockey players, perhaps from Minnesota. They wear shirts over striped denim overalls. The punks are only referred to by that name in the crs. They share the neighborhood with the Bowery Lizzies.

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