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The Cafe Cantante

June 13, 2016 Comments Off on The Cafe Cantante

The next Tuesday, May 6th, Xiomara Laugart be presented in the intimate atmosphere of the restaurant Amor Cubano. Manhattan (3rd Ave 111 Street). Good music and mojitos as antidote to the hangover of beer that we engendered insurance multiple taverns, bars, canteens and basements of dubious reputation of this city on the occasion of the celebration of May 5 the day before. 2018 Third Ave, New York, NY 10029 212-996-1220 info amorcubanorestaurant.com Update: Xiomara is a deity who retains a freshness and humility really impressive. It was down from the stage, kisses to one and drop a very natural “pussy asere, thanks for coming to see me” … as if the pleasure of being there, had been to her! The night was warm and fraternal.So much so that reminded me a lot tastier than the air breathed in the rocks of The Cafe Cantante and The White Peak in the late 80s. At the banquet was attended by a varied recholata of Creoles, including a friend who saw no more years than would be prudent to award to a lady living at least in public. It’s cozy and well attended local aftermath brought us one ding hall semos “huddled together” … more or less as he liked to keep Elpidio bagpipes when the machete … jejeje .. But to compensate, there tamales , cassava, mojitos and even a box of “Popular” which brought an Argentine newcomer of the key and I end up turning into social property, with the gracious permission of the owner. Marilu Thanks a million, to coordinate and advise … Ojala repetition of these evenings that both blood decked him one!..

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