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The Next

June 26, 2019 Comments Off on The Next

The other disappeared. It may seem incredible; even, is the subject of my imagination, by the obsession that had the persecution that was object. But no: he had seen it clearly. That incident negatively affected my work: I started to have blind spots, to suffer from lack of concentration. Above all, when I saw it from the front, out of the Office. I was on the other side of the street and was no longer hiding. Nervous, I went to have a drink in a bar and soon my Tracker occupied the opposite end of the bar.

I was able look at it more closely. It was the same as me: age, height, complexion, dress I noticed, even making gestures and body movements that I were eerily familiar. Until I could deal with him I would have dared to do it?, the guy that paid her drinking and went. Didn’t know if follow him or not, so I was paralyzed, doubting. The next day I saw him: was in a car next to mine at a stoplight. It started quickly, with a Sprint of his BMW, laughing. Didn’t know what upset me more, if the persecution itself, if not knowing what was intended that individual or that were always as mocking me.

I arrived even to cross me with him in the lobby of the building where was my Office. The good thing about the case is that I seemed to be the only one in having given account of this persecution, that coincidence or whatever. Susana, the receptionist asked: have not ever seen lately around here a cousin mine nailed to me? It’s the cousin had occurred to me to not have to give more explanations which, at best, would have not seemed convincing. The truth is that not. Do you have a cousin who looks like you?: because it should be a monad of man, gives you my phone number.

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