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INVESTMENT: How is the crisis hedge of the investments guaranteed? What opportunities for investors by your funds? DORIC: We see currently no crisis influence. We are convinced that successful or major airlines (such as for example AirAsia, Emirates, Singapore Airlines and Cathay Pacific) also through this crisis will fly and even among the winners. Exactly such airlines are also the long-term tenants of our plants. The opportunity is therefore a crisis-stable asset investment with a medium-to long-term potential. It will continue to fly. AirAsia, the leading low cost carrier Asia, rising before bookings for 2009, but also E.g.

Air China or China Eastern reported in the previous year reported for February 2009 already very strong growth on domestic flights by up to 26%. INVESTMENT: Why should an investor draw? DORIC: How easily can be read on our services, we are 2.7 billion under management of one of the most experienced initiators of aircraft fund investment especially in the area of aviation with currently about USD. DORIC CEO Dr. Peter E. Hein / documentation / asset management Dr.

Peter E. Hein, since March 2005 CEO of DORIC asset finance & Verwaltungs GmbH, was recently one of the senior partners in the business of financing at the international law firm Allen & Overy in New York. Before joining Allen & Overy 1996, he was a partner in the German law Office of Bruckhaus Westrick & Sandy in Frankfurt am Main. During his many years working as a lawyer, he advised companies in more than 300 financial transactions in asset finance as negotiators”for all types of assets. His clients were international corporations and industries. Dr. Peter Hein earned the promotion to the Dr. Jur. the Faculty of law of the Rhenish Friedrich-Wilhelms University of Bonn. “Mark Lapidus business Besorgung / structuring Mark Lapidus, since March 2005 CEO of DORIC asset finance & Verwaltungs GmbH, began his professional career in 1985 with a trainee program at GE Capital and worked there then several years in commercial equipment finance”.

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