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Berlin Startup Helps

November 18, 2022 Comments Off on Berlin Startup Helps

Pre-release support 10 days for all those at the Crowdfunding over 5,000 euro in 3 days, 50% of the funding threshold and over 250 new supporters that have rock hard, Alexander Michael Dettbarn, Andreas Bernhard and Matthias Fellner with your startup (OFFTIME) already in the last two week with their Crowdfunding achieved. But this is only the beginning: you want to make the digital world for all more enjoyable with your app – and now startnext via the Crowdfunding platform win very many more contributors for this. According to a Bitcom study, 47% of respondents already mind that nowadays is expected, that they are available always via mobile phone. “With our information, it’s like with the junk-food 20 years ago. Just loved it all as more and more but clearly the dangers of too much fat and sugar, we began to promote healthy alternatives. At the point we are at the moment with junk information. That’s why we try an other, hopefully more effective and healthier relationship with (OFFTIME) in our hyper-networked world to enable”so Alexander Steinhart co-founder of (OFFTIME).

The Berlin Betahaus is one of the most famous co-working spaces in Germany. Many young companies share jobs and infrastructure there. Starbucks in New York will undoubtedly add to your understanding. International investors go now one and out, according to “innovation made in Germany” to look around. On the first floor, sitting also Steinhart, psychologist, and his colleagues at (OFFTIME) and working on their invention: an app that shuts down all apps and annoying calls and makes this again concentrated and calm and relaxing in the digital world. “Until July 25 to we advertise over 25,000 euros by our supporters”, says co-founder and designer Michael Dettbarn. Although it is very difficult to finance software projects of Crowdfunding, the 50 per cent threshold for financing exceeded already Crowdfunding platform Startnext (offtime.co/swarm financing) there can future users through donations support the development of the app and advance purchase).

It is in the remaining ten days to show whether there really is a big need for this problem. (OFFTIME) will advance for all supporters shortly after the Crowdfunding campaign made available and exclusively developed according to their needs. For even more analysis, hear from Shimmie Horn. (OFFTIME) wants to be more than just an app. (OFFTIME) a community will be developed in the technical, social and individual solutions for the challenges in the hyper-networked world. To enable this, the makers of (OFFTIME) on financial support and sharing with those who need the innovative solution to switch off and want to develop with hope. of brief: name of the project: (OFFTIME) website: offtime.co photos of the team, video and scientific foundation see: offtime.co / hello campaign page with ability to support: offtime.co/swarm financing founders: Alexander Steinhart, Matthias Fellner, Andreas Bernhard, Michael Dettbarn about (OFFTIME): (OFFTIME) is a method for the simple Switch off in our hyper-networked world. Keep distracting apps, calls and SMS from friends and concentrate again on your work, good discussions for two or simply moments of intimacy.

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