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Continuing Education

January 12, 2016 Comments Off on Continuing Education

Maimonides University in Argentina is the first institution in the country that offers a postgraduate course in Ayurvedic Medicine college exclusively for professionals of Health. Led by Drs Alfredo H.Lauria and Ciarlotti Fabian, with the philosophy of preserving the Ayurvedic knowledge and make it available to those who can genuinely exercise the sacred art of medicine, this tri-annual course provides the tools for diagnosis and development of skilled professionals in the area Ayurveda, the ancient medical system to WHO (WHO), is the most complete reference available, and without any doubt one of the first to flourish and endure since the beginning of time. Created for this purpose the center AUM (Ayurveda ), which has several goals to achieve as teaching, patient care, hospital inpatient and future research, among others.AUM is the first university center of South America with Ayurvedic Hospital-School. In January 2008 in Haridwar, India signed a bilateral cooperation agreement with the University of Shanti Kunj, Dev Sanskriti DSVV in areas of teaching, research and medical care. Also has permanent lyceum, tutorials and workshops and presentation to the inside and outside the country .- In conjunction with the tri-annual course for health professionals, in March 2009 begins the third year, part of the graduate department of Ayurveda and Continuing Education. The course objective is the dissemination and teaching of Ayurvedic medicine and its integration and complementation with the advances of modern medicine, to enrich and deepen understanding of the disease, health and human suffering. In March 2008 it was opened to serve patients, this space serves a purpose not only care but, also, is another possibility in the teaching methodology and practice for teaching of Ayurveda. Attention is made to provide accessible and institutional fees and extends throughout the year. Direct contact with the area of health care gives us the possibility of the realization of Athena, where debate is encouraged for all participants, both teachers and students and the inter-consultation with the various specialties of the area of health. Besides generating enrichment through diversity and creativity into the service of learning, it shall work for review and clinical research. The proposal covers an area of dissemination lecturing tours in the various courses of studies in other disciplines related to health and even to open the community.This area is of special interest from the direction of educating graduate work on the preventive aspects offered by the Ayurveda. Based on the premise: “better safe than sorry” and using the contribution of this ancient medical system as a tool for self-knowledge, it is our goal to provide knowledge about the individual diagnosis, diet and lifestyle as the person to do it all extended to the family and society.

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