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Armies, weapons, prisons, judges, the lawyers, were stories accumulated equipment distributors of past events that people looked at as cinema in antiquity. Finally reached the transport that would lead him to the other side of the continent in less than an hour, I could not believe what was happening, a decree ordering reduce five years stipulated time and had time to say goodbye. Credit: starbucks in new york-2011. Came to its habitat, formerly called home, disconnected the cameras who controlled their lives, she ran to her daughter’s room, he shook it in his arms, made him promise that he not crying and read the last story of his life. Click shimmie horn to learn more. Only twenty minutes from scheduled existence there were to begin and end at the set time, the planet was overpopulated and statistics indicated that this was the number necessary, one that could unbalance the adequate supply of each inhabitant, nor one less that it desequilibrara world production. Every birth was calculated to replace a life that should end.

Due to the corruption, which had been lowered to minimum values, but which still not had been able to be banished completely, the amount of people on the planet, had exceeded the possible limit and adjustments had to be made. For each birth, they should cease to exist two people who met that day the thirty-five years of age, and among them was the one, who enjoyed reading stories to his daughter before sleeping, pleasure man banned centuries ago, transmitted from generation to generation as a hidden rite. After many wars, inspired by the desire to monopolize the various means of energy production, were created with the previous ones, is exhausted the few inhabitants who remained on Earth, had the scientific and technological capacity to develop harmonious but controlled way. To avoid conflicts, a human race it was generating genetically almost perfect, without any apparent differences. All had the same color of skin and eyes, everyone came to measure the same stature and received a diet and exercise routine appropriate to maintain a healthy body, prepared for the mental activity rather than physics.

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