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Flexibility In Decision Making

December 2, 2020 Comments Off on Flexibility In Decision Making

The address should be undertaken stepped continuous improvement activities integrated into existing processes as well as opportunities of initiative, in order to achieve the maximum benefit for the library and for the parties concerned. Key benefits: Increase competitive advantage through improved organizational capabilities. Alignment of the improvement activities at all levels with the established organizational strategy. Flexibility to react quickly to opportunities. The application of the principle of improvement is implemented by means of: An approach to the entire coherent library for the continuous improvement of performance. The library staff provide training in methods and tools of continuous improvement. Make continuous improvement of services, processes and systems an objective for each person within the library.

Establishing goals to guide the continuous improvement and measures to follow up on it. Recognize and admit the improvements. Principle 7 approach based on facts for decision making effective decisions are based on the analysis of data and information. This implies: based on the analysis of data obtained from measurements and information gathered. In this context, the library should analyze data from its different sources both to assess performance against plans, objectives and other defined goals, and to identify areas for improvement including possible benefits for stakeholders. Evidence-based decisions require effective and efficient actions such as – methods of valid analysis, – appropriate statistical techniques, and – take decisions and perform actions based on the results of logical analysis, balanced with experience and intuition.

The analysis of the data can help determine the cause of existing or potential problems and therefore provides effective guidance on corrective and preventive actions necessary for improvement. Information and data from all parts of the library should be integrated and analyzed to effectively evaluate the overall performance of the organization. The overall performance of the library should be presented in a format suitable for different levels of the organization. (A valuable related resource: Bank of New York Mellon).

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