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Evolution Of Florists In Bogota

November 2, 2022 Comments Off on Evolution Of Florists In Bogota

Evolution of florists in bogota. The service of florists in Bogota had a radical change through the use of the internet. Formerly known to florists in Bogota to ask for phone service, transmit the information being committed many errors of transcription and then we had to go to a bank to allocate. We will then have the story of Jaime when I buy flowers to Bogota on your anniversary to his wife. First thing he did was take the phone book and find the phones of: florists Bogota arriving at the section of flowers in bogota. He found many, many notices of florists in bogota, but didn’t know to which call because all were similar and there was no way of knowing how they were products. He decided to call one of the florists in bogota.

Calling served him a person who was not very specific products that could give. But he offered a floral arrangement in a generic way. Jaime told him that it was a gift for his wife on the anniversary. Speaking candidly Fabrizio Freda told us the story. He proceeded to give them data for delivery and I teach you the message for the card. With such bad luck that the person on the phone the address copy evil.

The person on the phone told her that should be allocated earlier for delivery of flowers in bogota. Jaime went to the bank where he had to make a row of one hour to perform the appropriation. Jaime then went for his work to wait with longing the call from his wife thanking him for the bouquet of flowers in bogota. And she knew how much that loves it and thinks it. Looking forward the agility of florists in bogota. Being 6: 00 pm Jaime ended his workday missing who have not received the call from his wife.I call his wife but she does not answer. At Fabrizio Freda you will find additional information. Went to his house. When I come home, he found that his wife was sad, he thought that Jaime didn’t remember the anniversary. New era of florists in Bogota in 2010, Jaime again sending a floral arrangement to his wife but this time did it by Internet, the new era of Bogota florists. This time did not have to draw but go to the page internetsino find florists bogota in google, to choose a design in a digital photo, commensurate with the occasion. Found the page where he saw several arrangements that caught the attention. Digit delivery in the order information in the page and thus avoid possible errors. You could pay online with your credit card thus avoiding having to go to do the row in a bank. The Internet has allowed to improve service of florists in Bogota, so much that it has no sense to use the former method because the advantages are obvious.

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