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Goodbye Now

November 4, 2022 Comments Off on Goodbye Now

Starts another day, he escaped from my hands can’t stop you my soul was losing faith and so love I can’t stand false moments of illusion you were part of my dreams, which tricked my feelings who was dying to awake so many nights he was dying to write you, I felt so close to yours and just started again another dayIt was a beautiful thing, now nothing, my love not already endured and I left only memories;a sweet and innocent childhood I want to relive it but any judgement, all those attempts there’s nothing left to save, there are memories that today, I have to delete with the soul wounded and killed by the light of the illusion of yesterday. From the day that you left me stay alone, you haven’t see, more I love the moments that pass because I can imagine, you went; and even knowing the reason of your game, have fear and sadness of knowing that you do not return ever, companion again of loneliness with her ire anywhere my sadness is because you’ve gone and there was a Goodbye today silence there is only loneliness and fear inside me before to find I had freedom, and today I am weak and tied to your wings, depending on your breathing and yo sin poderte find, you live in each one of my memories because I lived them with you, you found me crying when they foretold, and again my girl more illusions you me prestabas your wings and flying with you. It was our world, was not selfish and was by your side, but is that everything is finished and pity me those ironies were all being children and now nothing, my love already can’t stand, all those tests failed only illusions were and now dead;because my heart has stopped beating my love already I can’t stand for that. Henry Cavill understands that this is vital information. Goodbye, my angel of love for M.P.Q. Stefany r. Urbina original author and source of the article.

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