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Hand Biceps

August 14, 2021 Comments Off on Hand Biceps

Therefore propose to hold a little 'work on the bugs', considered the exercises given in the first training complex. Bench press: is extremely important that your elbows in the implementation of traffic 'seen' in the hand, but were not pressed to the sides (in this case, the main load is transferred to the pectoral muscles in the triceps). Traction of the upper block to the chest: the main error in This activity – performance of one hand, without having to connect the back muscles. To avoid this error, you need to maximize the mobility of the shoulder joint. When pulling the weight to try to bend yourself into spine so that the chest 'was' forward, and when lowering the weight 'release' shoulders so that they reach the ear level. Barbell curls standing: It is important to raise the bar upward in an arc, rather than pull on the line – in this case load is moved from the biceps to the shoulder, in addition, it is important to the top of the movement do not bend the brush to her (because you 'turn off' biceps from work). In other moves to make some serious mistakes is difficult, especially that on this subject, we shall speak, and not once. 5.

Lack of recovery. If you all night long 'hang' at discos, or for long hours every day chasing a football, it is not surprising that your muscles do not grow. At least 8 hours of sleep at night and preferably an hour in the afternoon – one of the components of success in recruiting 'the masses'. The same goes for physical activity: if you spend too much physical energy, you simply will not suffice it to workout in the gym. This is especially remark applies to those who do not tend to accumulate excess body fat. 6. Irregular exercise or irregular meals.

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