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To have its own house is one of the majors investments that you could have in the life and between the most important decision that any potential buyer must take she is if to buy an old house or a new house.Anyway, there are advantages and disadvantages, but how the considerations are weighed that all is reduced to their personal preferences, as well as the circumstances.So if you feel the time has gotten to own a house of New York, here they are the pros and the cons who will help end, ideal if you are in Long Island, Queens, Brooklyn, Staten Island and Manhattan. When one is to decide if to buy a new or old house, they are not considerations important to take, including: Cost Maintenance Aesthetic Efficiency energetics Location and easy access to the services It is fundamental that you must put much attention in his selection and asegrese of which the final decision not only to complement its style of life, but will be useful for all the family also. To buy one Marries New Now that we have covered the professionals are the disadvantages to buy a new house here.To be part of a complex of houses that is beginning end, not to be so safe of what hoping of district in which he will have.Its house will practically be identical to the one of its neighbors and all in the community.Also it would have to deal with many restrictions as far as improvements in the home and the remodeling, especially the projects that the outside changes considerably.With the continuous increase of the costs of the Earth and manpower, this option usually is more expensive. To buy one Marries Old Before going through the benefits to buy an old house, I know clearly that the old saying, I do not talk about historical houses.The old houses, around one decade or two of age, are located generally in a consolidated district and asking it can give an idea us on how it is lived there and what type of people whom they begin to know.Also known like single-family house, an old house is not a part of a community of house therefore you can generally count on more character of her and will have more freedom to apply the changes in the future.After to have existed for some years already, these houses are located in the companies like the banks, entertainment and commercial centers, markets and schools already are short-distance.In the zones it prevails generally, that become use of the excellent value of reventa for less, since they are relatively cheaper with a price that still can be negotiable. In the negative side, the old houses are of age by assumption-that the old fashioned architecture, less efficient isolation, and are not designed to give to capacity to technologies outposts.Although these problems can be solved through the remodeling, projects that imply these updates can be expensive. For dwells information for sale visit Houses of and renting Tenerife house. Original author and source of the article

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