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The cited motivacionais factors in picture 3 are intrinsic. The feelings of auto-accomplishment and recognition are mentioned to it, to the content of the position, ace tasks and to the duties related with the position in itself. If gifts cause satisfaction. If absent, they leave to cause satisfaction, but they do not arrive to cause insatisfao. These factors are related with the secondary necessities of the pyramid of Maslow. The cited hygienical factors in picture 4 mention to ace conditions that encircle the person while it works, are extrinsic it.

These factors, when gifts, leave to cause insatisfao, but they do not guarantee that the people will be satisfied. However, if absent, they are capable to cause insatisfao. On the basis of these factors author ADRIOLO (208) presents a research that was carried through in company of the world all for the Sirota Consulting, of New York, on satisfaction of employees. Of agreement with the research, is following the factors that despertam the enthusiasm in the organizations: 1 Fairness (remuneration joust, benefits, treatment with respect). 2 Accomplishments (challenges, pride of the work and the organization, development). 3 Coleguismos (sensation of that the people work well in group). On the basis of this research and in the theories of Maslow and Herzberg, Leonardo describes that the reason for which Luke returned to the job, this related to the environment of work, the relationship between the colleagues and the recognition for its work making that the millionaire if felt esteem, respected and carried through. For the auto-accomplishment, it is not enough well to be remunerated, exist several other factors that make with that the human being if feels satisfied, remuneration yes are one of them, but it does not stop all, according to this line of I think the motivation theories have taken some strategies effective for the change of the behavior of the employees, however, the necessity exists to understand better as to program the principles, including the diverse advantages and disadvantages of the practical ones.

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The laborers if judged in the obligation to produce more when the illumination intensity increased e, the opposite, when diminua. It proved superiority of the psychological factor on the physiological factor: the efficiency of the laborers is affected by psychological conditions. Recognizing the psychological factor only how much its negative influence, the researchers had intended to eliminate it of the experience, for considering it inopportune. The conclusion (that she was known as experience of Hawthorne) is that the productivity goes up when it has the perception of the workers who the direction of the company of the attention they. Recently the Experience of Hawthorne has been reviewed and criticized in its metodolgico aspect. In 1998 an article of New York Times pointed that five employees had only participated of the experience and two had been substituted. Moreover, two economists of the University of Chicago, Steven Levitt and John List, had remade an analysis using econometry and they had not found linking between the productivity and the luminosity. 3.MUDANA CULTURAL 3.1.Pode or must be changed the Culture of an Organization? According to Kissil (1998), so that the organization can survive and if develop, so that revitalizao and innovation exist, must be changed the organizacional culture.

This concept answers this question fully, where the Author suggests that the revitalizao and the innovation are important factors for the companies, and in certain way alone if it obtains this changing the culture of the organization. The effort of mutual agreement inside of the company is a way to guarantee a consistent structure and to keep the rhythm of productivity of the organization. To mount the teams with a varied profile she is necessary of a cultural approach and to choose the people who are different. What it makes a strong company is the internal mutual respect, is it who will be able to generate fast and efficient answers.