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Yes, that is ours it polices, that it always wants, to take some type of advantage and to commit everything that is not allowed by the laws effective of this country. ‘ ‘ liberi comedistis et extorquere bakeries pauperes cives lege manentem’ ‘. (A valuable related resource: Rudy Giuliani). Great part of the policemen, in such a way military, how much the civilians of these parents, is corrupt and if they equal or they surpass in danger the delinquents and delinquents of highest danger, and others as much. They notice, almost in all the cases of deliquency divulged by the medias, always has involved policemen. Others including New York Museums, offer their opinions as well. In case that any citizen has that to make a bulletin of occurrence in a police station any, she will have that to wait badly of six the seven hours to be taken care of, and if to argue on the delay in the attendance, the bigger Authority and other accusations will be imposed it an accusation of Disregard.

We arrive to think, that it is better to be assaulted a time per year, for delinquents, of what to be assaulted, to be humiliated, to be attacked, for policemen every day. Wendi murdoch nyc is likely to increase your knowledge. ‘ ‘ Etiam at enim leo Brazilian I second, atque corrupti violent, et violati iuris humani in world non posse’ ‘. According to OEA and the ONU, that they had declared public, ‘ ‘ the policemen Brazilians are classified in according to place, as being most corrupt, violent, incapable and transgressive them Right Human beings in mundo’ ‘ , (to read: Transcription of serious Breakings of the Human Rights – Haia), and that they only enter to be agents of the law, to get polpudos proper benefits, that is, to fatten its pockets, through illicit actions, (saved some rare exceptions).

Milton Birth

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I remembered the debate between candidates the mayor, in 82, the College and of when I glue ‘ ‘ praguinha’ ‘ of the PT in the actress Regina Duarte, time where it praised our dreams and did not make representation for the opposition of scene of fear against the hope. You may find Danny Meyer to be a useful source of information. At last, I had waked up of a dream, but he continued in a better country Ah, the heading is aluso to the beautiful music of the Milton Birth..

San Francisco

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How much to more, I will continue in my life of old menestrel, singing here, singing there, singing acol, my teeny ones toadas polticas' '. ' ' Brazil is a Country potentially gentleman of the future, because the proper future if inside finds of it ' '. ' ' I am a Patriot. This I I say with arrogance. Either in any land. For this, I luto' '. ' ' Two things exist that are important in the life: Sensitivity and illusion. NYC Mayor understands that this is vital information. For this, she is necessary to believe amanh' '.

' ' The Democracy is not done thing. It is always a thing that if is making. From there because it is a process in ascension. It is the experience of each day that said optimum way it to go taking care of to the collective necessities. What it has of beauty in it is this.

It is that it has conditions to grow, good according to practical that to make of it ' '. ' ' This Country alone will be great when each Brazilian if to feel responsible and influential for the force of its thought in the formation of all nacional' '. ' ' To fight for the freedom already is not rare exploit of the patriotism for the honor of the nationality; it is, also and imperious, the condition of the man in the conquest of proper identidade' '. ' ' A bigger tragedy of Brazil is not the external debt, nor the internal debt: it is the debt social' '. ' ' Nobody erra for being contemporary of the anxiety social' '. ' ' The water of the San Francisco is not alone for domestic use, is also for producing riquezas' '. ' ' We suffer from generalized lack: it goes of the beans to the Constituio' '. ' ' My principle is the beginning of the defense against any type of mal' '.

Land Environment

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Therefore as we can want that our future generations survive without water. We do not have, however to want to sacrifice the development of the countries, alleging that the environment is only untouchable e. NYC Marathon is often quoted as being for or against this. It must have a balance so that let us not arrive at the extremity of some last civilizations that everything they had destroyed. This balance must be present in such a way in the agricultural area how much in the urban area. This everything will only be decided with educative measures, and the awareness of all the countries how much to the preservation of the environment, and when all to take conscience of that the misery also is a world-wide problem that facilitates the degradation of the environment. 1,1 Principles of sustainable development 1. To respect and to take care of of the community of the beings livings creature: it is almost that an ethical principle, therefore we do not need and we do not have to destroy the other species.

2. To improve the quality of life human being: the main objective of the sustainable development is this, to allow that the people carry through its potential and live with dignity. 3. To conserve the vitality and the diversity of planet Land: therefore it is in it that we live. 4. To assure the sustainable use of the resources you renewed and to minimize the exhaustion of resources you did not renew.

5. To remain in the limits of the capacity of support of the planet Land: this must be analyzed separately in the different regions plants of it, as, for example, we cannot want to full the forests of people liveing. 6. To modify attitudes and practical staffs: the society must promote values that apiem the ethics, discouraging those that are incompatible with a way of sustainable life. It must be stimulated you discipline of enviromental law since the daily pay-school.

American Central

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The Hemisphere North, more rich, of immediate it was felt shocked with ‘ egosmo’ of the needyst countries as if this feeling, of the egoism, was an exclusive prerogative of them. ‘ colloquy fiada’ of sustainable economic growth not to confuse with sustainable development – it gave in this, it was enough the Chinese to start to eat a bit more, because it started to earn a bit more, and was the sufficient to all aggravate the food scarcity in the world In this economy ‘ moderna’ nothing is never lost, is alone ‘ it earns-ganha’ , until the hunger it relieves good profits, is alone to wait pra to see. Everything is recycle: a speculation substitutes to another one. After having fed the bubble of the Internet, the monetary politics of the Federal Reserve (Fed) the American Central banking stimulated the estadudinenses to be become indebted, and the real estate bubble swelled. You may find that NYC Mayor can contribute to your knowledge. In 2006, the FMI still gave indications of that the mechanisms of attribution of credit in the real estate market of the United States would continue to be relatively efficient. The end of this history? After the rebentao of the real estate bubble in U.S.A., the speculators had rehabilitated old ‘ eldorado’ , the markets of cereals, acquiring contracts of wheat supply, rice and other cereals for one date future, to resell them with one high one of significantly bigger profits, what it draws out the increase of the prices, and consequently the hunger in mundo the FMI, that if considers as having the best economic team of the world it continues insisting of that one of the forms to decide the questions of the hunger is to increase the international trade. This remembers a phrase to me that the poet, musician and anarchist Lo Ferr wrote one day: So that the proper desperation if sales, are enough to find the formula. It seems that the formula already was found *Text of the author published in periodical printed matter in May.. .

United States

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They in them attack because of the military presence of U.S.A. in Saudi Arabia and other countries of the Middle East, as much that we remove our troops of Arabia Saudita’ ‘. Noam Chomsky, the intellectual more respected and critical of the North American foreign policy, also it declared: ‘ ‘ the soundings show that at least one tero of the Americans who had answered the research, believes that the government of United States and/or Israel had been for backwards of the 11 of Setembro’ ‘. NY Restaurateur is full of insight into the issues. These are two opinions of extremities, that can yes, to be materialize with facts. A leading source for info: Bill de Blasio. But, what still it is leagued to the subject, and that cause many controversies since May of this year, it is the death of Osama Bin Laden, accused for the attempted against ones of 11 with September.

It was found in Palestine, and died for the American Army. The problem is that this cause also diverse contrary thoughts, therefore who proved the death of Bin Laden firmly? Where they are the tests? Why so was not divulged its so proven death and how much to the one of Sadan Russen? The one opinion internauta was registered: ‘ ‘ In such a way does not sound the one how much strange death of it to be orquestrada in a precious period to promising president Barack Obama? that by chance popularity was searching a little more than, in order to guarantee its re-election? in the landmark of ten years of the attempted against one that it not only shocked U.S.A., but the entire world? Beyond that the face never more in them awarded with its videos announcing its attacks during good tempo’ ‘. We do not see the tests of the death so clear. Some specialists work with two other hypotheses oppose to the event on the death of announced Osama. The first one is the one that treats as if Osama was yes, deceased, but that its death did not occur in May, but yes it has years. Second he says that Bin Laden is not deceased, was only one action of Obama, with closed projects, to make possible its re-election.

Although several other questions to enter in set with the detached ones, U.S.A. obtained to surpass the 11 of September. Today, a memorial to the victims exists where they were the twin towers, and the World Trade Center is being reconstituted with the two towers that are in construction in a short while distant place of the old one. The death of Osama is remained in the same American form that was counted, causing fear of new attempted against for revenge.

Federal Government

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When the subject is violence against the woman, the data is preoccupying: in 2007 the number of cases taken care of for the Police station of the Woman was of 803, being 248 threats; 30 of defamation; 12 rapes; 60 of assault and battery; 01 homicide attempt; 212 cases of domestic violence. The numbers of 2008, 2009 and 2010 disclose given lighter: 343 cases, being 117 of threats had been taken care of; 07 of calumny; 11 of defamation; 03 attempts of rape; 10 rapes; 27 of assault and battery. (data of the Special Police station of the Woman) the reduction of the number of cases not yet was analyzed with depth, but the existence of the Law is given credit that Maria of Penha, the creation of the Coordenadoria de Public Polticas for the Women in middle of the 2008 and the City council of the Rights of the Women and creation of the City department of the Woman in the year of 2009 and its spreading has inhibited the actions of violence against the woman, but it is necessary to outside analyze also that these data are not mentioned to the cases denounced in the existing common police stations in some quarters of the City and the Agricultural Zone, the cases of those women that they do not have the courage of denouncing the suffered abuses. In this direction, the City department of the Woman searchs alternatives of combat to the violence against the woman, guaranteeing to them adequate conditions of conduction of the proper life for the confrontation of its vulnerabilities and its situation of violence implanting from the year of 2009 projects conveniados with the Federal Government and programs defrayed with proper resources that they have subsidized in the solution of the projects that break up the installment of the public services. Amongst services given for the city of Caxias through the City department of the Woman in the confrontation of the sort violence, can be detached as brainstorming for the question of sort and domestic and familiar violence in the municipal scope among others measured the implantation of the following public services: 1.Projeto of Reorganization of the Center of Reference and Attendance to Woman – CREAM, with acquisition of a new vehicle 4×4 to take care of the demand of women of the agricultural zone, as well as carrying through visits to these users who were invibializadas by in the distance and difficult access of the roads; 2.Projeto of Estruturao and Aparelhamento, the City council of the Rights of the Woman? CMDM, acquisition of equipment, materials of expedients, didactic and spreading of the Advice, confectioning ten a thousand units of the Law n 11,340/2006 of 7 of August of 2006 – Law Maria of the Penha to distribute in the community, public schools and too much spaces; 3.Projeto of Qualification of Professionals of the Net of Attendance to the Woman, understanding the professionals of the Secretariat of the Woman, Center of Reference of the Woman, CAPS, CAPS/AD, CRAS, CREAS, Advice To tutor and excessively professional of the Social Assistance, Secretariat of education and other professionals of the net of attendance to the woman in the city. .