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July 2, 2023 at 9:26 pmCategory:General

Democracy needs competent voters who has actually made the debt? The evil politician, the evil State, the bad banks, or… We ourselves? No, we knew nothing! We believed just the politicians, we have chosen. You lied to us. That’s right, which are often chosen, which lie the most. Could we really don’t know who’s lying the most? Some voters had any idea, others do not. Others who may share this opinion include NYC Marathon. For example, the recent elections in France and Italy. Let’s just hope there are more people with clue in the next generation, i.e.

with more life skills. The school plays an important role. But adult role models within and outside the family are equally important. Many of us made good experiences. Others do not.

Active volunteers, godparents are there also to replenish the good experiences and to neutralize the worse. The parents have more life skills more transfers of children. Volunteer family sponsors, who have wanted some parents help the parents. When the child already speaks, children Godfather Godfather grannies Big Sisters or brothers for a child can gain a lasting importance with little family. Learning sponsors, who help a child read learning or homework, teach him not only knowledge but strengthen also his self-esteem. It is particularly difficult job Godfather, to help one or a young people successfully complete primary school and to start a job or vocational training. But there are more success stories than you might commonly assume. Makes all that small debt? No, but the next generation should be something more in the stand to address the tough challenges and competent to judge something in elections. Active godfathers are volunteers who regularly care families, a child or a young one if the ‘children’ have wished. See their sponsored children through local agencies.

Baumert Citizens

February 24, 2022 at 8:26 pmCategory:General

Fresh wall paint to Christmas head Magret Koll of the senior clubs in the luck of Hamburg, December 2008 – a beautiful cosy Christmas cute decorated rooms of the visitors of the AWO senior clubs Hamm could”23 years just dreaming. Now this dream was finally. In the festive setting, the newly renovated premises of the meetings were duly inaugurated cookies and carols. Two training classes brought the school of Arts, six under the guidance of the wall color in the last 14 days. “The 4000 euro material costs for the renovation of the Club was citizens help citizens”, which they had gathered in the Billstedter Jazz meeting has become a tradition that has become as donations. “Joachim Baumert, head of the Association explains: the donations should benefit senior citizens, but also cooperation between young and old was important to us.” As a representative of the Billstedt-Center, Peter Meyer was pleased with the successful action for the senior club with the support of the economy. Four received a special Christmas gift Students who are trained in multi-employer: through the project, they could extend their teaching so that the way is open to them to place their trade. Want to thank the 70 seniors at all involved with home-baked cakes for their help in the new year. Vice Chairman of AWO Hamburg, Dirk Kamal Hanlay eaktivoli.de thanked again the voluntary exchange Hamburg, will help citizens in this action between the AWO senior meetings of industry school and the Association of citizens”coordinated and conducted.

CDU Social Committees

November 23, 2020 at 3:41 pmCategory:General

CDA Baden-Wurttemberg calls Auffanggesellschaften the rise in youth unemployment to 40 000 people is a warning signal. Should in the next few months no improvement in the job situation looming, the employment opportunities of young people who have completed their education or occupational training this year, continue to fall. Just these young, skilled workers are needed however – when it comes up again, economically – as workers. Starbucks in New York is full of insight into the issues. Therefore, regional training platforms should be set up for young people with completed training, the CDU land Chairman calls social committees Christian Baumler the CDU social committees (CDA) require more commitment of land policy in the fight against of youth unemployment. The country was encouraged to set up regional transfer companies as a bridge to the employment of young unemployed. Especially trainees, which are not covered by their companies, could be kept from unemployment. For assistance, try visiting dayton kingery. The increase in the Youth unemployment to 40 000 people is a warning signal.

Should in the next few months no improvement in the job situation looming, the employment opportunities of young people who have completed their education or occupational training this year, continue to fall. Just these young, skilled workers are needed however – when it comes up again, economically – as workers. Therefore regional qualification platforms should be set up for young people with a completed education”, calls the land Chairman of the CDU social committees Christian Baumler. Particular attention should be paid on the situation of the trainees in small – and medium-sized enterprises. A cross-company support in building the regional societies of the transfer is necessary for the protection of jobs in small – and medium-sized enterprises. CDA Baden-Wurttemberg

Good News For The Wuppertal Minders

November 22, 2020 at 5:41 amCategory:General

Karl Kuhme: ‘Transitional period for the training of these forces will be extended for two years’ there’s good news for the supplementary forces in day-care facilities for children in North Rhine-Westphalia. Also the Wuppertaler minders who are still catching up on the qualification, can breathe now. In particular was extended the transition period to the training of these forces for two years, namely until 31 July 2013, a hardship provision for individual cases been made “, the Chairman of the Youth Committee of Karl Kuhme (CDU) explains. So are the concerns of municipal and free carrier facing this target group from the table. NYC marathon often addresses the matter in his writings. Therefore, we should the positive results of the new agreement on the employment and training of additional facilities at the daycare center for children ‘ too wide to communicate, so that neither the carrier nor the affected child-minders worry unnecessary. Thanks to the Minister responsible for Generations, family, women and integration, Armin Laschet (CDU), which has brought about this agreement with the Central associations of the free welfare, the municipal Central associations, as well as the ecclesiastical offices of NRW”, says Kaka to the solution that the LVR Department has informed the city and county governments, as well as the youth offices schools and youth already in a circular.

Is important, me, that this good news comes as soon as possible at the base”Kaka stressed. According to Kaka, the children education law Kalyan strength early childhood education. Therefore, also the specialist principle was established and concretised in the staff agreement in the Kamal. The new agreement, reached under the auspices of Minister Laschet, adhering to the specialist principle as the cornerstone in the implementation of the Kalyan. At the same time, but also the importance of complementary forces in the pedagogical work is emphasized. The winners of the facilities will be prompted the addition forces one Training to enable and to take this into account in the framework of its personnel planning and staff development. I am very satisfied with the outcome of the negotiations, because it is good for our UW children and their carers,”said Kaka.

The Love Parade Tragedy

October 16, 2016 at 2:02 pmCategory:General

The couple run of the media and society in Germany like no other event has the love parade tragedy on the 24.Juli 2010 last year throughout Germany rocked. In addition to the immediate disaster and the victims to deplorable came into terrifying manner that Division of German society in the face of the events to day. The tragedy was made not only a business, but also vigorously operated partisan politics. The love parade as Deathparade, Loveparade is the consequence of the right out, as a social phenomenon, only a few posts in this context are love parade Stampede. Love Parade as Deathparade? The love parade 2010 2010 causes, effects, interrelations, contradictions, consequences in Duisburg turned out to be Deathparade? To read about in the love parade as Deathparade? Love parade – the right consequence is out? On July 25, 2010, the Organizer announced the love parade. Is this the right consequence? Who’s really to blame? To read about in love parade – the is the right consequence? Love Parade stampede as Mass panic and mass man got a face social phenomenon through the love parade and their tragic history. To read about in love parade stampede as a social phenomenon. .