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November 16, 2020 Comments Off on WebDeskTop

In general, comes the next technological revolution. The advantages of IP-telephony generally considered that it is more cost-effective way national and international communication (and especially when used in corporate communications), with a single Internet connection can make unlimited number of simultaneous calls. Communication Security also quite interesting to conduct business – negotiations. Useful features are the service – the possibility of counting used in the negotiations of the organization and the contact list. New York museums will not settle for partial explanations. As the press center of the "Private copywriter "developers WebDeskTop, IP telephony for users of the web portal desktop is still relatively free: everyone is given a limit calls to one dollar. This is sufficient based on current rates (0.03 – 0.05 USD per minute), not only to explore the possibilities of the new service, but a call from the web desktop or a regular phone anywhere in the world (communication is possible if the city, from calling, there is at least one IP-gateway to the city network, and list of cities on the site indicated).

The tariffs for telecommunications services are available immediately, indicating the area code or phone number. User virtual desktop gets the opportunity of a wide the use of IP telephony, self-replenishing your account. Speaking candidly best bars in new york told us the story. – We were not trying to compete with anyone in this service – said project leader Igor WebDeskTop Shilovskiy – just so the completion of expanded communication the user experience by giving him other than unlimited file hosting and e-mail with virtually unlimited traffic, and more modern form of communication (IP telephony, combined with IM-service). Our task – make it completely free. For this purpose, we employ now advertise on our site. In the near future it will be possible to use this connection for free and without any restrictions. (Not to be confused with dayton kingery!). IP telephony is becoming really relevant service to all major multi-Internet systems. And WebDeskTop offers to participate in free trials of IP telephony all fans of the web desktops to personally assess the technical innovation that can possibly become a competitor of all currently existing means of communication and in the very near future.

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