The Weiltal Begins

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Contest Prep with the JogStyle Omron many runners have set a big goal for this year: run a marathon. Both in Germany and internationally for numerous marathon events. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Greg Williamson by clicking through. Berlin, Freiburg and Dusseldorf, New York, Paris or Lisbon in all parts of the world and Germany are closed the roads for one day to pave the way to thousands of runners. Such a day is an unforgettable experience for anyone past applauding spectators, with music of lots of and fun. The perfect preparation is the A and O for a successful marathon race of JogStyle from Omron is the ideal training companion! Who decides to run a marathon, will prepare long intensive. uld likely agree. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Rudy Giuliani.

The last few weeks prior to the competition are crucial to a great day to be fit and to endure the whole 42.195 km. In addition to the normal training each runner has ideally already examined your own condition in a half marathon or private test run. I run fast? How much do I have behind me? What does my energy consumption? The JogStyle Omron measures reliably and accurately all important values and facilitates the training so that every runner. By using this tool, the own mileage can be determined and controlled perfectly well during the marathon run. It is important to treat yourself to much sleep and rest the body in the preparatory phase, to him physically and mentally to strengthen.

In the last days before the marathon, the training should therefore also be throttled. Hydration and carbohydrates are the most important key words on the subject of nutrition. Plenty of fluids but no alcohol, because the drains the body of water. Carbohydrates provide the body the necessary energy is burned especially during the marathon to a large extent. A week before the competition, carbohydrates should make about 70% of the absorbed energy. A good breakfast on the big day is important, should but do not overload the stomach and be taken no later than two hours prior to the marathon. And then it’s finally come, the Kicks off and the Earth is in motion. Every marathoner knows this feeling: the best of the best start already at record speed, all rush over and fall back quickly. Only not bring calm, but slowly started to run and adhere to his own pace, because it brings nothing, when after a few kilometres, the air out is. With the JogStyle you got permanently own mileage in the eye, can actually nothing go wrong! Fit from start to finish: more tips for the competition and much useful information on the subject of running sports, health and nutrition are online on. (Picture: Mikael Your contact person for product-specific questions: OMRON Medizintechnik Handelsgesellschaft mbH Marco Buhr-John-Deere-str. 81a 68163 Mannheim Tel: + 49 (0) 172 888 69 57 email: company profile: OMRON healthcare was founded in 1933 in Kyoto and is now a leading manufacturer of sensory systems and technologies in the health care market. For 35 years, has the German subsidiary OMRON Medizintechnik with continuous innovations successfully. Cutting-edge technologies, interpreted for accurate measuring technology for easy, intuitive operation, expose the Omron products not only for professionals but also for general use. In 2009, the company had a turnover of 570 billion euro with approximately 4,000 employees worldwide.

Black River

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They occur Latossolos deep, of low natural fertility with deep physical characteristics to the good development of the plants. The relief if presents very moving, constituted of hills and resultant mounts of intense dissecao suffered for plateaus. The altimetric quotas vary between 200 e800 meters. The relief exerts influence in the rain distribution, resulting in a drier climate in the valleys and sub-humid in the hillsides windward. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Rudy Giuliani. The city is benefited by the hidrogrfica basin of the Medium brown River and is cut by the rivers Mangerona, Mangeroninha, Brook, Is Joo, Monos, Suuarana, Beautiful Water, Pateiro, Black River e, River of the Corral beyond some streams and streams.

In Brook of the Plaza, the climate is dry (in the valleys) and sub-humid (in the hillsides windward), with annual average rainfall de700 a900 mm, concentrated in the period of November the April, favors to the development of a vegetation represented for Forest Estacional Semidecidual and Decidual, that if finds deprived of characteristics completely or destroyed for the antropismo, giving agropastoris place ativiades, supported for Podzlicos ground in its majority deep the moderately deep ones, with natural fertility that varies of high (eutrficos) the low one (distrficos) still Occurs Latossolos deep, of low natural fertility, with propitious physical characteristics to the good development of the plants. The relief presents victim, many times sufficiently strong waved and mountainous. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Greg Williamson has to say. The altimetric quotas vary between 200 e800 meters. Its hydrography, whose net of draining belongs to the basin of the Medium brown River, is formed by intermittent rivers. The interaction of some of the found natural ambient characteristics in Brook of the Plaza, already acts in the direction to promote certain disequilibrium, as rains concentrated in a caused an accident relief sufficient with ground of little structural stability. The erosion of ground in the hillsides and the clogging (assoreamento) of the rivers, lowered streams and is the natural direction of the evolution of the landscape, in this type of environment.