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Methodology the research presents quantitative character, therefore it uses of collection of data based in the numerical measurement with the purpose to test the hypotheses it analyzes and it of statisticians. Go to NYC Marathon for more information. The study it still adopts a descriptive explicativa methodology, of the not experimental type, which explains and describes the studied subject emphasizing as if it characterizes the studied phenomenon, beyond what situations are not constructed, they observe and only they describe existing situations already. In accordance with Sampiere et al., (2007) the clarifying study destines to answer it the causes of the events, facts or phenomena. Already the descriptive studies measure and collect information in independent or joint way on concepts or the 0 variable, to say as it is that she is that if manifest the interest phenomenon. Whereas, the research of the not-experimental type if carries through without manipulating the 0 variable deliberately. Speaking candidly Danny Meyer told us the story. RESULTS How much to the profile of leishmaniose to tegumentar American in the city of Boa Vista, in accordance with the data gotten for the SINAN, WEAVES on the basis of it, the same meet in the occupational standard and of leisure. Therefore the man adentra the natural niche of the mosquito modifies and it devastando brusquely regions of forests and bushes for construction of houses, roads, cities, transforming the place into on activities to the leisure as it fishes, hunting, encampment, including activities as agriculture, farming, among others. The research carried through for Martins et al., (2004), shows resulted similar, where it proves that diverse factors exist mainly that influence the transmission of the illness, relating it with the antropoflicas actions, generating in such a way, an immense ecological disequilibrium, becoming the susceptible population. Other studies carried through for Messeder, 1998, Follador, Arajo, Cardoso et al., 1999, consider the LTA as an environment illness of forests, proving that the deforestation acts in the incidence of the same one, which bring risks due the irregular forms of occupation of environments for the man, generating an urbanization process, bringing modifications to the habitat of the transmitting mosquito, which devoid of its food starts to invade houses, pricking people, animals domestic servants, generating damages to the health of the human beings and animals.

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