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Finding A Job In Difficult Circumstances

September 11, 2017 Comments Off on Finding A Job In Difficult Circumstances

Anyone can find a job. So, I said “anyone.” And I meant it. But the caveat is: I did not say what kind of work. You can go out and start burgers, and complain about the hard life is broken when he delivered his company size, or you can reach higher and go for the job you really want, and knows he has the experience and enthusiasm for . Achieving more means being on your feet, in every sense of the words. You’ll have to overstretch yourself to make an extra effort to overcome obstacles in their path. Nobody said that getting the right job would be easy.

But it is there, waiting, if you are willing to go. To show what we mean, I’ll give an example of an executive ego crushing dismissal. Down but not out, this man took personal circumstances that could have stopped him, and based on them that they stood on a solid foundation and as the perfect job at hand. Sean Davidson * was a senior marketing manager of various levels. His company was the reduction, in a performance evaluation, it was felt that Sean was the staff member in such position that could do no more. What followed was eight months of frustration, and proof of confidence, and attending job fairs, networking events and job search sites on the Internet. Then he landed an interview for a job that not only matched his skill set, but that he loved.

How did he overcome the negativity of his dismissal? When asked about the difference in employment, Sean took the initiative and spoke about strategic mistakes he made in his last position, and how the slow growth in its industry, has led to the decision to lay off personnel. He then went on to talk about new areas of growth and how a company can maximize the opportunities and increase their market share. His explanation and proposals, not only showed his knowledge of current market conditions, but also shows your business competition. He had become the focus of the question of why he was fired, to show what he had learned from that business conditions had caused, and how it could help the interviewing company to improve its position. And he got the job!

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